A Simple Antidote To Anxiety

Anxiety Help Bournemouth“Hello and Welcome to Episode 17 of ‘Tuesday Choose Day’, my inspirational weekly post.

My aim here is to inspire you to feel more positive and more confident within yourself to create the change you want to happen in your life.”  I’m offering you here a healthy dose of positivity and fun every Tuesday straight to your inbox along with some empowering strategies to help you to take control, so that you not only feel better – you feel good!

Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…


You’re busy – I get it!  You don’t have the time to invest in you.  The truth is it takes everything you’ve got to take care of everyone else and keep all those stress balls in the air.   Exhaustion, anxiety and low mood are clear warning signs though that your life may be heading out of balance.

Perhaps it seems out of reach to feel good about yourself and within yourself in your daily living and you just don’t know where to start…Just imagine how much more of ‘you’ you will have to ‘give’ at home and at work, how much lighter you will feel and how much more relaxed others will feel around you, if you  invest simply and consistently in yourself so that your emotional tanks are replenished, your body is balanced and your mind is calm…


Take the right action this new year and get yourself back on track with my simple self care options to calm those Anxiety Wobbles.   Many are inexpensive and quick to do so you’ll be able to afford the time and money to nurture yourself back to balance.  Aim to do just one or two things a day on the list… I hope it inspires you to tune into what makes your heart sing and do more of that too!

Simple Self Care Options to Restore Balance


Pamper Yourself

Take a warm bubble bath with essential oils

Have breakfast in bed

Visit a sauna or steam room

Experience touch with a soothing massage

Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure

Drink champagne for no reason


Indulge Your Senses

Buy yourself flowers

Light some aromatherapy candles

Stop and smell flowers whilst you are out

Watch a Sunrise or a Sunset

Listen to soothing music

Bake or cook yourself something special

Take yourself to the beach

Take a scenic drive

Sleep outside under the stars

Browse in a book store



Go for a Swim

Try both heart pumping aerobic and calming toning exercises

Walk a dog in a rescue centre

Dance to music by yourself

Go for a walk out in nature or to your local park


Strengthen Your Mind

Start a gratitude journal and write five things you are grateful for every day

Visualise how you want yourself and your life to be

Write out and tell yourself positive affirmations

Read an Inspiring book

Listen to a relaxation/hypnosis recording

List what you have already achieved in your life

Challenge yourself with a puzzle book or a jigsaw

Expand your horizons – visit a museum or other interesting place

Don’t rush  – give yourself plenty of time

Start a hobby that is both creative and stimulating


Nurture your Body

Drink more water

Make a healthy change in your diet

De-tox your body one day at a time

Go to bed early

Buy yourself some new underwear


Take Care of Your Emotions

Create a feel good music playlist

Let yourself laugh – watch a funny video or comedian

Treat your inner child to a cuddly soft toy

Write a kind letter to yourself

Ask a special person for a hug

Compliment yourself and others

Be kind to yourself

Quit blaming and criticising yourself and others

Go to the park and feed the ducks, swing on the swings


Deepen Your Connection With Others

Do some Charity or Community Group Work

Call a special friend

Give more hugs

Spend time with your pet


I hope this list inspires you to create for yourself, your own comfort list of your ten top things to do when you need an anxiety antidote.

Until next time

With love and light x

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From the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…

Anxiety Help Bournemouth“I’m 32 and single.  I’ve always had a fantastic social life but in the last three years all my friends have got married and most have kids.  I’m busy with work in the week but the weekends I feel lonely and a bit depressed because my friends are busy with their partners and new families.  It feels like I’m suddenly left on the shelf with no friends.  I know I need to make new friends of my age but at the same time I can’t see the point when they will just get married and start families.   How can I enjoy being single and make new friends?


A summary of my advice…


Life is changing for you.  Getting married and having kids in your thirties in an inevitable life choice for many, but not for everyone.   What are the benefits to you of being single compared to your married friends and what have your married friends traded?   What can you do being single that your married friends with kids can’t?  Marriage and children can bring responsibilities, tiredness and restriction.   You have your freedom to spend your time how and with whomever you choose.   Now is the perfect life stage for you to widen your social circle and develop new interests.   Don’t restrict yourself to just meeting new friends of your own age – there are many interesting women with no children or whose children are grown.  Expanding your network of friends to include all ages will broaden your experiences and bring new opportunities to your door.   I’d recommend www.meetup.co.uk as a starting place.    It is simple to create a profile and free to join social and activity groups for both men and women.  You’ll find other single and married people looking to have fun and boost their social connections too.

Your current friends who are married with families will at times be feeling the pressure of that responsibility and restriction and will likely welcome the opportunity to meet up with you and get some space from their young family.    Mums with young children are often tired and can easily get into a rut by not bothering to make an effort and go out.    Perhaps you could take the reins here?  Make arrangements, suggest when and where and give them enough notice to book a sitter.   Your friends will be grateful to have your company and your support and it will strengthen your existing friendships whilst you are busy expanding your social circle in new and exciting ways.  I hope this helps you!


If you’d like my advice with your particular wobble or worry, simply click on the link here




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