Anxiety Help – 10 Simple Strategies to Get You Through the Day

Some days are harder than others, aren’t they?

Anxiety Can Affect Everyone

Some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t shake off that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate by age or gender (although women are twice as likely to suffer anxiety over men). It’s not age specific; we all wobble sooner or later, whether you are a teenager, a young adult, or perhaps a menopausal more mature woman.

Living with anxiety can feel like walking through treacle under a magnifying glass, with your heart constantly racing and your stomach in knots… and then there’s that irritating nauseous dizzy feeling loitering within you too.

Maybe you don’t understand the reason? But then again perhaps if you are honest with yourself, you understand more than you’re really willing to admit… all the same, you just know that it would be so much easier to hide away, even to disappear.. just for one day… If only you could make it all stop!


How Anxiety Affected Me

I struggled with anxiety all my life until my late twenties when an emotional breakdown pulled me up sharply and forced me to address everything I was burying. Now in private practice, I have been successfully helping women just like you for the past 18 years to let go of anxiety so that they can feel more secure and relaxed within themselves.

I recognize that feeling of knowing you need help, and at the same time, not wanting to admit to yourself that you can’t cope. It’s a conflict that makes you feel so isolated and it makes those anxiety symptoms worse.

When you don’t know how you’re feeling and you certainly don’t understand it, how on earth are you meant to open up and explain it all to someone else in a way that makes sense?


How You Can Start to Switch Off Negative Thoughts

If you’re spiraling today and it all seems too much because you can’t switch off from certain negative thoughts and worries, I want to share with you a special checklist I have created giving you ten simple strategies to help you to shift perspective on any anxiety you are feeling right now.

So if you are feeling as you read this, that you are ready to give yourself the opportunity to take control of anxiety, you can make a start today. As you download this ‘Ten Simple Strategies To Get You Through The Day’ checklist, you will receive a bonus free email support series direct to your inbox and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Free Anxiety Support Series Lisa Skeffington

Download Your Copy Here


In this seven day series, each day I will be sharing with you my straightforward advice on how to cope better so that you can find your way to take control of your life.

I know from my own experience how difficult it can feel to reach out and get the help you need, so I want to make it easy for you. You need to take action and you need the ‘right’ help.

Over the next seven days, you’ll get my solid advice by video and by download with strategies to help you switch off from negative thinking, and grow your self-esteem as you learn to understand anxiety more.

Now’s your chance to feel better about everything. I hope you don’t hesitate. I’m here for you. See you on the other side.

Download Ten Simple Strategies to Get You Through the Day Here

With my warmest wishes to you,


Lisa Skeffington Help for Anxiety

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