Anxiety and The Myth of Staying With What You Know

Thoughts on a Greek Island


Travelling across the Greek Island of Evia on holiday recently, I noticed fish farms along the coastline… circular pens of fish contained within a wider sea.

The enclosures got me thinking of how most of us like to stay comfortable with what we know in our lives.


The unknown can create feelings of anxiety; it can feel safer to stay with what we know. I often hear my clients say that their world has become very small… a bit like those fish.


Just like the fish being contained in a farm within an enclosed space, perhaps you restrict yourself to the familiar world of what you know? Do you do this in order to avoid those uncomfortable feelings of self doubt and anxiety which surface when you swim out into unknown water? The comfort you experience isn’t real… it keeps you away from a wider sea of opportunity and a chance of real happiness in your life.


Of course, those fish won’t know about life outside their pens. If they did, how wonderful do you suppose it would be for them to swim freely in an open sea? It’s the stuff of films, isn’t it?!


Staying contained within your pen of familiarity is like staying contained within that safe comfort zone of discontent in your life. You hold yourself back safely from any opportunity to grow, but then feel frustrated and stagnant as a result. The ‘pen’ you confine yourself to, restricts and limits your ability to grow beyond the environment you find yourself caught up in.


You stay small in the short game of your life, perhaps even controlled by circumstance or by others who determine your fate. How might it be for you to swim in a wider open sea? You have the power to break away from the self-imposed restrictions you are currently living with.


It is your thoughts and what you are choosing to believe right now about yourself and your abilities, which keep you contained within a safe comfort zone of discontent.


You have the luxury of a choice that those Greek fish don’t get…YOU CAN leave your pen and swim out into that wider sea. The moment you realise that your thoughts and beliefs are the barrier that you alone have created, you make it possible for yourself to swim freely.


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