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Finally, a genuine anxiety solution for you to an overwhelmed and overburdened NHS

“43% of adults with mental illness say the long wait times on the NHS have led to their mental health getting worse,” according to research from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. (The Guardian October 2022) 

If you’ve questioned that you will ever find quality and effective ‘lifeline’ support to help you to cope with anxiety, so that you find a way to manage when you feel anxious and overwhelmed, or when you can’t sleep night after night, or when your relationship with your spouse or your partner or your kids is in trouble… then please let me help you. Yes… really, really. 

If you are struggling to get fast and effective help through the NHS and you are stuck on a waiting list (or can’t even get on one!), I’m offering you a real opportunity to get your questions answered with pragmatic confidential or group support, within a safe and private community, to help you to cope better day to day. 

A colleague and friend in General Practice told me last week that due to overly-burdened and full waiting lists, more and more doctors surgery patients with anxiety don’t even make the waiting list for support with their mental health – some are offered a generic online anxiety course, whilst others are simply offered leaflets for charity organisations instead.

A new client just this week expressed her frustration with having been rejected twice by the NHS because anxiety symptoms were not considered severe enough to get help, and how she was told that only those who are considered a threat to their own life could get ‘on the list’ – and that’s with no immediate help.

How many people with anxiety do you know who are still stuck and silently stressing?

People unable perhaps to afford ongoing private fees for professional help, or maybe even too daunted to seek out the right support for anxiety or to commit to weekly sessions. Are you perhaps one of these people, yourself?

The NHS is critically overstretched with both human resource and financial constraint. It’s no secret that there is a crisis with mental health and wellbeing, which has spiralled since Covid – and anxiety has worsened with the cost-of-living crisis.

Tell me…

If you had a genuine and uncomplicated opportunity to:

  • nourish yourself mentally and emotionally;
  • to adopt strategies to feel more calm and in control
  • to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence, or simply
  • to stay mindful of how to keep emotionally balanced with your day-to-day or circumstantial stress…

Would you welcome the chance to get the qualified and effective professional anxiety support you need to feel more relaxed and healthier within yourself? Or for your family? Would you share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues who you suspect are stuck and struggling with anxiety right now?

Well, I have some exciting news for you… sincerely, from my heart to yours.

With my twenty-five years in professional practice… to ‘give back’ this month:

I am launching a new community. I’ve named it ‘THRIVAL

and it provides an opportunity in these difficult times, to extend my support to anyone who is struggling to get anxiety advice and in need of strategies to cope better with the anxiety and emotional stress they are battling with. 

To demonstrate my genuine commitment to this very real solution for you, I invite you to test-drive THRIVAL for free for the first month, with no tie-in time and no obligation.

THRIVAL is an inclusive online community no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live. 

This is an innovative and low-cost private members club that provides consistent nurturing support for your emotional health and wellbeing. With regular Q&A sessions on weekdays, email access to me for confidentiality if preferred, and a monthly live group call with me over Zoom for direct hands-on help, there are plenty of times to get accessible advice and support quickly both for you and for your family. 

Please join me.

Don’t just ‘survive’ in these tough times. Learn to thrive

THRIVAL – Anxiety Support to Thrive in Your Life.

To find out more and register to join, click here 

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