How Anxiety Thrives on Missed Opportunity

Thoughts on distant a Greek island

Do you ever feel frustrated by a missed opportunity? One early evening on my recent holiday, I was enjoying the company of a friend at a beachside taverna, watching a beautiful golden sunset and listening to the waves gently lapping the shore.

I wonder if you ever get the urge to snap a photo of what seems a perfect view? If you’re like me, you’ll want to capture these rare moments when they come along. Snapping a great photo is a simple example – opportunities present themselves in many forms. However, sometimes life throws up a distraction and the opportunity to seize the moment can slip away before you’ve managed to grasp it fully.


With a simple distraction, the chance is gone…

Wanting to take a photo to capture the moment of the perfect sunset sinking into the horizon, my friend took out her phone only to then see a message and paused for a few seconds. (Phone signal was very poor so understandably a message received was a certain distraction.) A minute or so later, remembering why she had taken out her phone, she quickly went to open the camera function to capture the sunset. However, as she looked to take the photo, in the very instant the sun disappeared into the horizon and the moment was gone. The opportunity had escaped us! It was easy to feel frustrated by having got distracted by a message that would have still been readable two minutes later.


It made me question…

…how many times do you get distracted by a shift in focus from what matters most to you too? When you fixate unnecessarily on stuff that doesn’t really matter, it can keep you from making the most of opportunities to create a life that works better for you.


Priorities matter…

In order for you to live a life comfortably free from anxiety most of the time, it is vital to be mindful of your priorities. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by trivial demands that take you away from what is important to you… it will only lead to your feeling anxious and uptight in your life!

Being mindful of your priorities will help to seize the moment when it appears. Keep focused on what is important and you’ll feel calmer and more grounded in the moments as they happen.


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