Beach Talking


“D’you know, you should do this with your clients,” a friend said…


…Personally, I love to be at the beach, not just playing and chilling with my children on a busy summer’s day, but when it’s quieter, even out of season – as much, but in a different way.

Away from the noise and bustle of families playing, an early morning or late evening walk, as the sun is coming up or softening down – this is the perfect opportunity for me to think about things, to get creative with problem solving or developing ideas. If I’ve a press article to get written, I’ll take myself to the beach and feel inspired to write. Walking along the shore is the perfect opportunity for me to reflect on the love, peace and abundance in my life now.

…..I walked with a dear friend at the beach recently on Highcliffe Castle beach, sharing ideas and offering support with a difficult circumstance life has dealt her. As she digested my suggestions and worked through her emotion, she gently created for herself a shift in perspective.


Then she said, “d’you know, you should do this with your clients suffering with stress and anxiety… it’s so good to talk in this way, being out in the light and space…this is a great way to do therapy…you’re good at it…it’s different…it’s so natural… I feel so much better!”

I hugged her and I knew she had just given me an inspiring gift of a brilliant idea…
And so, I offer to you as my client…



• Escape the confines of traditional therapy within four walls
• Free ourselves from ‘inside’ thought
• Allow your heart and mind to open up
• Get some space around you and the challenges in your life.


beach1Breathe fresh air… feel better

It’s by far the most natural way to embrace therapy.

As you free up your energy, your thoughts flow and your mind becomes clearer.

With a backdrop of rolling waves to comfortably fill the silences and naturally induce calm as your mind is processing…

…your experience of light and space encourages your thoughts to unravel…

…stimulates your neural pathways, heightens your senses, illuminates your mind and energises your body.


A productive, informal and friendly way to experience therapy!


Take Time OUT

Beach time up to 1 ½ hr
Beach local to Christchurch or other location by arrangement
Beach Talking Experiences are offered within VIP programs of therapy and mentoring

…Why walk alone when you can enjoy some company, share your troubles therapeutically and, gain insight and clarity towards a new perspective?…


Take Control…. Feel Better…. Feel Good!

Discover your Beach Talking Experience here.

 I look forward to helping you soon.

Lisa x


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