Break Free From Anxiety By Understanding The Science of The Mind

This is first part of a mini series “Help With Anxiety” to help you to understand more about the dynamic therapies which are most effective in helping you to break free from anxiety.
If you are reading this, I’m guessing you or someone you are close to may be wanting to break free from anxiety and seeking help to manage anxiety symptoms?  Gaining some understanding of how your mind stores and uses information can help you to feel empowered to gain a new sense of perspective and find your way out of anxiety.

Your mind is totally unique and it is what gives you your individuality. Yet, scientifically, the intangible matter of the mind is still largely a mystery.  Research tells us that you have a unique network of links between brain cells and that these develop and change during your life as a result of your life experience.

When something is intangible, by its nature, we can’t see it or touch it, so it can appear to be beyond our control and allude us.  Thinking about the mind in a specific and tangible way using a picture of a computer system for example, means that you might imagine a network of live lines fuelled by lights of energetic impulses travelling through your body and facilitating movement, memory, growth, repair and maintenance.

You are Human and Fallible…


Scientific study of the mind evidences two main parts, namely the conscious and subconscious.  Your every day rational, logical and analytical thinking is generated with your lesser conscious mind whilst the deeper more substantial part of your mind known as the subconscious stores away all emotion and memory and is the source of your imagination and creativity.    The role of the conscious mind is to filter what is stored.  But Beware! – You are human and not a machine so the system is flawed because if you are in a heightened state of emotion, the filtering process can malfunction and wires can get crossed.

What’s Happening When Reactions Just Don’t Make Sense…


Anxiety symptoms generally are irrational and also emotional and creative!  You tend to be ‘feeling’ rather than ‘thinking’ your way through a challenging or seemingly ‘threatening ‘ situation.  I wonder, have you ever tried to tackle an irrational emotional response by applying logic and rational thinking?  Mostly, this does not help you because you are using your head to crack a feeling that is coming from your heart.  These feelings can seem out of your control – in fact they are; out of your conscious control, that it!    So, to put it another way – you are trying to use your intellectual conscious mind to solve an issue that is generated from your deeper feeling subconscious mind.  In the short term, you may be able to talk yourself down (conscious CBT works in this way) however, in order to effectively break free from anxiety, you really need to clear the default setting that the mind created at some stage in the past.

If You Want To Make Sense Of Your World – Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart


In order to cope with your life, it is possible that you may have learned to stay ‘safely’ within your intellectual conscious mind and to keep yourself away from feeling too deeply.  Making such feelings forbidden and denying yourself emotion is very common if you are suffering with anxiety symptoms.  Your balance is out of line and tension is created which stirs up your nervous system.
I wonder, if someone asks you ‘how you feel?’  do you tend to reply with ‘what you think?!’  Check in with yourself and see.  If you find that you do do this, chances are you are running from your own vulnerability.  Sooner or later, your body will tell you it’s time to stop running.

As an experienced therapist, there are a number of safe and pragmatic solution focussed strategies to help you to reconfigure associations to outdated past events so that you may clear those default settings and move forward in your life.

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The second part in this mini series ‘Help With Anxiety‘ shows how you are better at hypnotising yourself than you know and how this impacts negatively on the anxiety trap.

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