My Empowered Day – A Client’s Story

“I stood up for myself today and stated my own needs. I didn’t waiver or argue. I was firm and calm and I stuck to my own needs and wants and requirements. I saw my partner’s dragging up the past for what it is – just excuses for not taking responsibility for his actions. I stood up to him for what I believe in. Amazingly he accepted my point of view, because of how I put it across and he even apologized with some kind words.

Then with my brother, all those years of not telling him how it is, of all the unspoken hurts and deeds I’ve never challenged. He’s a big bully! All the times I had never spoken up, on that day because of how I had already stood up to Jonathan, I felt that was the time to speak up. I asked a question I had been hanging onto for nearly 6 years – I did it! It felt amazing! I realized I had been holding back needlessly before.

Then with Anastasia, she came home after work and was visibly upset. We sat together for a cup of tea. I was able to literally hold her in her emotion with real clarity and calm. It was like I could understand the whole picture. I didn’t need to run away from the conversation. I could draw on my wisdom to really know what was going on for her. I had all the time in the world for her at that moment. She got very emotional saying she felt blown away by my support for her, saying she had never felt so safe to express her feelings with me before!

I was on fire! I had never felt that way. It felt like the best day of my life! At work that day too, I even chipped in with ideas and comment, which I would not usually do.

I am learning to feel more empowered in my life – because I choose to and because I can!”


You Too Can Make Positive Changes In Your Life

With my support, my client has made significant leaps in awareness, which has helped her to take action to create the positive changes she needed to have happened.

What’s more, since this day, she has gone on to stretch her comfort zone socially and grow her confidence. Previously she was feeling quite isolated. Now she is busy pushing her boundaries, trying new challenges, initiating conversations and beginning to make new friends along the way.

She says, “This one day gave me insight into what it feels like to be empowered. I want this feeling every day of my life. Six months ago, I couldn’t have imagined having such an empowered day.”

I hope this account helps you to see what is possible for you today. If perhaps you are stuck in a powerless situation and tentatively wanting things to be different.

I’m here to help.


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