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Anxiety advice from Lisa Skeffington

If you need some independent advice and would appreciate some objectivity on how to handle any tricky situation or you’re not sure how to best get the right help for you in some way, you can tell me on what’s going on for you in a brief email of up to 500 words.  For a fresh and modern take on the classic ‘agony column’, as an experienced, qualified therapist, I will send you my email reply usually within 48 hours with my honest opinion and advice on your individual wobble or worry.

You might perhaps feel that you’re not ready or even needing a course of therapy or coaching and you just need a pointer as to what to do for the best or which direction to take. Perhaps you feel that your particular worry is embarrassing or just too intimate for you to discuss face to face.  Then my Wobbles and Worries email service is perfect for you! You’ll get my view on your situation based on my fifteen years as a therapist, mum, wife and businesswoman from the comfort of your own space.

So whether your wobble or worry is a quick question about

  • your work situation
  • your kid’s behaviour
  • difficulties in your relationship with your partner or family, or
  • you are feeling lost or stuck in some way

You can get my quick and invaluable anxiety advice right here.

Questions I have already answered may point the way for you and you can read through a selection here.

If you are wobbling right now, ask yourself what will happen if I just ignore these wobbles and worries and hope they will sort themselves out?  We both know that things will likely get worse if you don’t take this first step to get the right help and advice for you today.

You’re in safe hands here and my advice to you is totally confidential of course.

Simply click on the button Book Here. You will receive immediate confirmation of your payment.  If you choose the email option, write to me as soon as you are ready and we can get started.  If you prefer to chat by Skype messenger online, add your Skype name to the message box when you pay and I will contact you personally to arrange a convenient time to chat.

I look forward to helping you soon.


1 x email (in no more than 500 words) and my reply within 48 hrs
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