Freedom Mastery Programme


If you are fed up with struggling with anxiety in your life day to day and you know within yourself that you are ready to fully commit to clearing anxiety from your life for good, here is the best opportunity for you to do just that!  You can work closely with me in the most rounded and comprehensive way for up to six months.  With me as an Anxiety Expert ‘by your side’ you will have my fullest support to lead you by the hand to help you to master your journey in breaking free from anxiety.

Anxiety Help BournemouthThis ultimate mastery programme, I will commit my time and attention to guide you personally to find your way to feeling more calm and relaxed and confident in your life.  As an Advanced Hypnotherapist and Consultant Psychotherapist, I offer rounded and tailored therapy and coaching, and my approach in helping you may draw on a number of different mind therapies to suit the uniqueness of your situation.  We work together in a progressive and focussed way to help you to develop greater self awareness and self understanding so that you can get out of your own way, heal the past and learn to assert yourself in the present and, clear unhelpful limiting beliefs that may be holding you back right now.   Just imagine how fantastic you will be feeling six months from now and what it will mean for you to enjoy much more control in your life – in fact, to have mastered control – both in your circumstances and within yourself…

As you begin the process, a generic hypnotic recording helps you to develop a positive focus and persuades your mind to become more open to the process of change.   Together we work through whatever we need to initially over Anxiety Help Bournemoutheight premium 90 minute weekly followed by eight fortnightly sessions with me face2face at my private consulting rooms in Ringwood, Hampshire.  These sessions are supported by Skype online chat and email. In addition, I will personally craft for you – not one but two – bespoke hypnotic mind programming recordings to consolidate the positive affirmations, visualisations and anchors you will have generated during the sessions.  These first class and totally unique recordings mean you will be able to give yourself top-up therapy every day as you rehearse success.  It will help to make your personalised programming take root deep within your subconscious so that updated thoughts and behaviours become automatic.     Any required additional supporting materials and information is also included free of charge.

This Ultimate Six month Support Programme INCLUDES

16 x premium consultations up to 90 mins

4 x Skype live online messaging up to 30 mins
1 x Generic Recording
2 x Bespoke Recordings
Email Support – Up to one email weekly and my reply
Plus any additional supporting materials/info


£1,975  PayPal Secure