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Anxiety Help Bournemouth


Lifeline Monthly Mentoring
for Heart Centred Living


As a graduate of one of my programmes, you’ve already come so far. You are on your way to success and I truly want to see you go all the way in mastering your freedom.

It is fully within your reach now to become who you truly want to be as you continue to create the quality in your life that matters most to you.

During these coming months, you will undoubtedly be put to the test – as life, people and circumstance will inevitably challenge your beliefs and the changes you have made to this point. Having already invested wisely with me in your journey so far, here’s an opportunity for you to continue to benefit from my on-going support. You can feel reassured that you will have my expert advice and guidance to call on when you need it.


One 90-min support session per month for 3 consecutive months, plus email or Skype Instant Messaging support.