Help with Asthma Hypnotherapy

Help With Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the respiratory system. During an asthma attack the airways, (which carry oxygen in and out of the lungs), begin to constrict and so reduce the flow of oxygen entering the lungs.

Studies have also shown that negative emotions such as panic, stress and depression can adversely affect the respiratory system and bring on an asthma attack in people suffering from this condition. Allergens, for example in the environment or in food may exacerbate symptoms as the body tries to protect itself. In this way, the airways may produce more mucus and become inflamed as a protection mechanism.


Recent studies have shown hypnosis to be effective in helping people to manage asthma and the frequency and severity of attacks.


Hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress and boost the immune system. As underlying anxieties and frustrations are explored and a change in perspective achieved, this can help significantly to reduce the severity and incidence of attacks. In addition, HypnoHealing techniques along with Hypno-CBT directed to the airways and chest area in order to free the bronchi and relax chest muscles, encourages the client to take an active psychological role in controlling the effect of an attack on the body.

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Using self hypnosis the client is, in many circumstances, able to calm an imminent attack and to prevent it from happening. In this way, the need for medication may be substantially reduced.

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“It’s like giving yourself a clean slate and allowing yourself to be a new person; to not be that insecure, scared person that I had always perceived myself to be.” Carol, 42 – Health Consultant.


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