Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS) / Fibromyalgia


Have you come to a point in your life when you feel burnt out and constantly shattered. Not only might you experience chronic tiredness but your muscles may ache, even twitch sometimes. It feels like you have flu constantly. You may have difficulty sleeping and may feel you are more prone to viral and bacterial infections. Do you feel that so many circumstances of your life leave you feeling completely and utterly shattered both emotionally and physically? A prolonged physiological and emotional stress response can create a dysfunction in adrenaline levels as your body struggles to maintain function. This means that your immune system and your nervous system are tired. This can further lead to problems with your skin, digestion and bowels.


This internal stress has most probably been building up for a long time and it might be that an illness or a time of added emotional or physical stress has been enough to tip the balance – the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Most clients I have helped to get better with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia have described a feeling of wanting to be ‘under the radar’ of not feeling comfortable in their own skin, of feeling tired of meeting others’ needs, and never really feeling that their own needs have been met. In fact clients very often have learned to ignore their needs, to carry on regardless which, in turn only weakens their resolve and further tires the body physically and emotionally.


Anxiety HelpGiven that symptoms can vary so much from one individual to another, it can be very difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat with conventional medicine.

We know that the key to getting better is to find within ourselves a calmer less anxiety driven way of living that allows us to rebalance our systems within our bodies and improve our health and wellbeing. Recovery is not only possible, but highly probable if we work to change certain deep rooted belief systems concerning our mind body connection.


Advanced Hypnotherapy, used integratively, explores the factors which may be preventing you from achieving what you want. We work together through the process in whichever way is right for you.


You will discover and learn:

To adopt better ways of thinking and feeling about yourself
A conscious awareness of your inner dialogue – helpful and destructive
To update old belief systems and self limiting thought processes that contribute to keeping you unwell
To understand more fully the positive and negative power of your beliefs on your health and your life
To create an awareness of how you use and hold your body and how this influences the way your body works and feels
To understand how our expectations influence what happens to us and, how our bodies prepare physiologically for these events we imagine.


As you learn to better understand yourself, this awareness will help you to find new ways to approach issues which give you more influence over your wellbeing. It can take some time for the body to heal. There is no quick fix and you must be prepared for this. The key is to listen to your body in awareness and, to recognise that as improvement comes, it is easy to overdo it, which leaves the body tired and you may appear to relapse. However, at this stage, it is vital to keep going with the process towards healing. An awareness of mind body influence allows you to better understand yourself and your body. As you grow to understand and respond to your body’s emotional and physical needs you begin to make a sustained recovery towards good health into the longer term.


The brain has the ability to create new neural pathways. It does this by using the body mind connection in hypnosis to actively rehearse and install thought with real emotion. This means that results are achievable in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, HypnoHealing techniques directed to specific symptoms stimulate new neural pathways within the brain to aid the body to rebalance and heal itself. Diet and exercise are also important considerations to a more speedy recovery.

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For further information, advice and support, I recommend the following websites:

The M.E. Association –
Association for Fibromyalgia –


Praise for help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Early last year my body and mind shut down. I thought I could rest and become strong again. I quickly realised that I had forgotten how to relax; how not to feel guilty if I rested; how to have fun.
Lisa was warm and understanding right from the start; I was cynical and stubborn in the beginning. She was professional but made me feel welcome and was strong enough in her own beliefs to convince me to keep returning.
I had been leading to this “burn out” for many years, but had ignored warnings, soldiering on, too tired to think or make changes. I was demanding and impatient and wanted immediate results. Lisa patiently taught me to recognise what was happening and how to repair myself. Lisa was my lifeline. I have a positive and happy future now, thanks to Lisa.
Lisa has helped me in so many areas of my life. My health physically and mentally is greatly improved. Words cannot express how grateful I am that Lisa became a part of my life. Her calming manner and strength of belief in her work and in herself have been as important as the intellect and knowledge she has shared with me in order for me to understand myself and work towards recovery.” Beverly, 55 – Administrator


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