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Mind Focussing for Drug Free Pain Management

Learn How to Ease Chronic and Acute Pain and Discomfort with Anodyne Awareness®

Anodyne Awareness® is a set of conscious breathing and guided imagery techniques combined with hypnotic suggestion. It is used to manage the sensation of pain, to ease tension and quell anxiety and, to influence heart rate, blood pressure and gut peristalsis.
Anodyne Awareness is a trademark registered to John Pateros in the United States.

It is not therapy – it simply brings increased awareness and mindfulness. It is in essence a relaxation tool which you can use anytime.Pain Management

Hypnosis has been used to effectively control pain for many years. It has been used in place of anaesthetic in trenches of the 1st World War as an aid to injury and surgery and, since the 1950s is known as ‘hypnodontics’ in dentistry.
In modern times, as a result of a more holistic approach to patient care, the use of a form of hypnosis (known as Anodyne Awareness®) as a means to manage pain is often practiced by medical and dental professionals.

Anodyne Awareness® complements conventional approaches to pain control as it directs thought to increase the pain threshold.  This is particularly the case with those experiencing chronic pain, who may have become resistant to pain killers or for those concerned about the effects of long term high dosage medication.

The Evidence it Works…

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Will it work for me?

As you learn to relax, your body releases tension. This soothes the nervous system and the mind, easing sensations of pain.
You remain in control at all times. Positive change occurs when you actively engage in directing your focus in order to shift your perceptions of pain.
As an average, noticeable improvement is achieved within 3 sessions. In some cases, further sessions may be required if pain seems to indicate an emotional connection.

Are you tempted to give it a try….?

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