Relationship Stress

Making Sense of Troubled Relationships


When our self esteem is a bit shaky we do not always express ourselves clearly or in the right way. Certain issues like criticism for instance, may press a button within us and we react. Maybe we don’t assert our opinion or our needs, maybe there is a sense of injustice in our partner’s behaviour which we feel powerless to express. Maybe we just feel misunderstood.

Integrative Hypnotherapy allows you to understand your feelings and your reactions in a way that gives you a fresher more objective take on things. It also gives you an opportunity to learn new ways of behaving as you adopt coping strategies to more clearly express your needs. As you react differently, it changes the dynamic of every inter-personal relationship you share.


Testimonials for Relationship Stress
“I was struggling with a fear of engaging with potential partners following a re-bound relationship and two divorces. It became clear through your sessions that I was carrying suppressed anger and that this may have caused toxic relationships. I feel much happier in dealing with anger now. The coping mechanisms really work and I now accept that I don’t need to be in a relationship that doesn’t feel right. The sessions have helped me to navigate my life with confidence.” Rob, 50 – Policeman
“Just to let you know the relationship with my parents has improved hugely and I can now see a lot of their issues are and were nothing to do with me. Many, many thanks.”  Nicola, 40 – Consultant


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