‘Give Yourself A Break’ To Break Free From Anxiety

When was the last time you tried a little tenderness with yourself? How often do you give yourself credit for doing the best you can with what you know and what is available to you just now? If you tend to expect a lot of yourself, a little self-compassion can really help to ease the burden of pressure and self-criticism if you tend to struggle with anxiety and overwhelm.

Being hard on yourself is a hard habit to break. I know.    It can be easier to feel compassion for other people who mess up, or who are struggling through difficult circumstances, can’t it?


And then there’s the promise of a quick fix to end all woes…

Don’t you find that there seems to be constant hype on social media these days with endless offers of quick fixes! It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s for help with anxiety, help with marketing, or even help with weight loss and fitness. Everyone is offering a quick fix in the vital know-how of spending just minutes to heal yourself or days to make millions of pounds or dollars online, or a miracle food or juice to shed stones! It goes on.

The trouble with all this hype is that if it doesn’t work for you, it eats away at your self-esteem. It creates doubt in your abilities to achieve the success that you were bound to achieve.   For some, it will stop you from even trying. For you other braver souls, you jump in! – I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past.   Then as the weeks pass by, the reality is that it is actually much harder and more complicated than the initial offering made it seem. The truth is in all of this, that whilst many of the principles and the ideas do actually work, the reality is, significant and sustained effort is also required in order bring the results to fruition.


A quick fix never worked for me!

For myself, I’ve invested thousands of pounds in the past eighteen months to develop my brand and reach more people with help for anxiety online nationally and internationally. It has been a lot of work, with more hours of my time invested than I imagined at the outset. It has certainly been a lot more complicated to put it all into practice than I had first thought! I’ve still got more to learn. Yet, my big heart is so committed to helping women in life crisis and end powerlessness around the world. It feels to me like it is not just my purpose but my divine duty also to help women like you to squash anxiety and feel happier and more secure within yourself. This means I am more willing than ever to keep on with the consistent marketing effort that is required!


It’s easy to buy into the idea of a quick fix for anxiety…

I see many parallels with offers of help for anxiety. It’s easy to buy into the idea of a quick fix technique or promise of help. Then you find that it doesn’t quite work for you in the way you’d hoped; perhaps you feel a failure and you secretly fear that you don’t have what it takes to make it successful for you.   You feel worse within yourself and inevitably, anxiety gets worse.


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If you really want to Break Free From Anxiety and learn to love yourself, here’s my straight-talking and an honest reality check to help you:

I want to share with you the reality of what I believe you need to know in order to bring about sustained improvement in your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Whilst there are shifts and moments of enlightenment, there is no quick fix in truth. We are all a work in progress which is on-going. When you are willing to make a commitment to yourself to gently and consistently take the right action to understand yourself and allow yourself to grow in your life, that’s where the magic is!


Here’s what you need to know…

  1. You have to really want it! Take some time to consider the impact of the cost of staying stuck where you are and how healing your situation and yourself will positively impact on you and on those you love. Be prepared to invest well to get the best help available to you.


  1. You must understand and accept that there will be resistance to change. Your mind will always steer away from those unknown and unchartered waters, and try to pull you back to the safe familiarity of your comfort zone. To grow, you must challenge this inertia and be prepared to consistently stretch in small steps outside what you know. Your comfort zone is a nice place to live, but nothing grows there!


  1. You must be prepared to take responsibility in the process of change. You must own your problems and own the commitment to creating a life that works for you. It is vital that you are willing to invest in quality help and support to guide you, but you must be willing to engage and actively follow the steps to make transformation happen.


  1. We all have safety mechanisms, which keep us caught up in rigid and inflexible thinking at times. Are you always right? Keeping an open mind means you allow yourself to be open to the possibility of seeing things in a different way and taking a different course of action.


  1. You must be willing to take small risks in order to grow. Doing things in a different way and trying new things on for size IS a risk, but not taking that risk may be the biggest risk of all for you!


  1. To be open to learning about yourself. Perhaps you have learned to stay up in your head when you deal with issues. To grow, you’ll need to learn not just intellectually from your headspace, but to absorb the raw emotion so that you learn from the heart too.


  1. You must be willing to develop awareness for yourself of how you are getting in your own way. You may be holding on tight to beliefs and behaviours you don’t want because there may be a hidden benefit that you haven’t considered or owned up to yet.


Transformation is always a process and never a quick fix!

With the right help and support, it is easier for you to follow these 7 steps to personal growth. Perhaps you are struggling to get the objectivity you need as you try to do it alone. So give yourself a break! You’re already amazing. You just don’t know it yet. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the opportunity to get some perspective. Give yourself permission to be human and let yourself blossom over the coming weeks and months.

Here you have it. The simple honest truth of what you must do to heal your life. I hope my plain speaking today helps you to keep it real and be more compassionate with yourself in not expecting that miraculous quick fix to your problems and which leaves beating yourself up when it doesn’t happen right away.

The real gift of love isn’t in roses or chocolates, or gestures from someone else, the most beautiful and most important love is from within – the gift of self-love.

If you are interested in helping yourself to heal and get your life working better for you, it will be my absolute pleasure to help you.

Send me an email and let’s arrange a time to chat.

Until then,

With love and light

Lisa x


Lisa Skeffington

Anxiety Expert – Anxiety Help Bournemouth & Christchurch, UK
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