Anxiety Help For Teenage Girls

Anxiety in the teenage years is common. It’s known to affect one in eight children, with teenage girls being more likely to suffer. Left untreated, children that suffer from anxiety have an increased risk of underachieving at school and will probably miss out on important social experiences.

With the right support, however, teenage girls can learn how to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and live a normal, confident and happy life.

I’m Lisa, an Anxiety Consultant, and I’m here to help you.

Anxiety Help For Teenage Girls


Empowering The Lives of Teenage Girls and Young Women

As a parent, you want your teenage daughter to feel happy and secure within herself and in her environment. You naturally want her to feel relaxed and confident and able to cope with different circumstances day to day. Yet, you may feel powerless or inadequate to help your daughter if she is struggling to cope with the conflicting thoughts and feelings as she approaches adulthood.

Sometimes life for a teenager can feel overwhelming and she may defend and protect herself in a way that results in a loss of motivation, social withdrawal, negative attitude, and poor communication.

Anxiety Help For Teenage Girls

At times, teenage girls may feel at odds with everyone and everything as they wrestle with seemingly endless ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’. Their own feelings at times can seem forbidden to them and this conflict leads to anxiety which may take the form of irrational phobias, stammering, panic attacks, aggression, sleepwalking. sleeping difficulties, eating disorders, or even self-harm.


Your teenage daughter has a growing need for independence and will become increasingly drawn towards and influenced by her peers throughout her teens. This is a natural process in order for her to grow to become a fully functioning independent adult. She may fight for control and this may cause conflict at home and stir feelings of hurt and rejection in you as a parent.

Your daughter may be struggling to cope with the mountain of expectations she may feel thrust upon her, ranging from exam pressures through to conflicts with identity. She may secretly worry that she is a disappointment to you, and this is very common.

Psychological struggles relating to ‘who she is as an individual’ and who she feels she ‘should’ be can create inner turmoil resulting in low self-esteem. Your daughter is desperately seeking to belong – she may feel at times, that she is very isolated emotionally.


Anxiety Help For Teenage Girls

I have over fifteen years experience in helping teenagers to feel good about themselves.   Personally, I am a mum myself of two children aged 13 and 22. Professionally, I have successfully helped teenagers to effectively manage and deal with their worries about school and college exams, peer pressure and bullying, family breakdown and other home life change, social media pressures and all kinds of relationship problems. I have also helped teenagers to tackle low self-esteem issues like shyness and sensitivity. My aim is always to equip and to empower your teenager, to discover within themselves, a resourcefulness that helps them to develop personally and reach their potential as young adults.


Parent Support Sessions

Your support is essential in helping your teenager move forward successfully. Whilst she must know that there is complete trust and confidentiality in consulting with me, your help will doubtlessly be required in some way. In some circumstances, this may involve adopting different interactions or behaviours within the family nucleus in order to support your teen in making changes for herself.

IAnxiety help and parent support for teenagersn addition, Parent Support Sessions provide you with the space and opportunity to understand yourself better and, to understand more clearly what drives how you communicate with your daughter. This will help you to take an active role in helping her confidence to blossom. The sessions are often effective in helping you to resolve issues on a win-win basis that might typically have resulted in conflict in the past such as arguments, silences, or confrontation.

As a parent, you are in the best position to give your teenage daughter the most precious lifelong gift they’ll ever have – the gift of self-esteem.

You can help her to really appreciate who she is and all that she is capable of, so that she may achieve all that she desires in life – to be a happy, healthy and well-rounded individual who has relationships that work and who is able to motivate herself to achieve her personal and professional goals.


Be the difference for your daughter and contact me to schedule an initial call or consultation today.