How A Random Act of Kindness Melts Away Stress

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

I’ve just got back from enjoying a week’s holiday in Italy and whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to experience a random act of kindness from an unlikely source, which had a huge impact on how my day went. So much so that it feels right to share the anecdote with you in this week’s episode.


We are all so busy in our lives aren’t we?  It can seem that you just don’t have the time to consider anybody else, let alone take time out to help them in a moment of their struggle.    It is likely that you might not even notice someone in need of help because you are too caught up in dealing with your own stuff?  If you are caught up in your own cyclone of stress, maybe you just don’t think of reaching outside of yourself to ask for help?

This short anecdote shows what an impact it can make by taking five minutes out of your day to help someone.   We know that thought is energy and taking a few minutes out of your busy day to help someone sends ripples out to the universe which means somehow in some way, help will find its way back to you.  But how about you just help someone to be kind with no expectation of return?   A random act of kindness will give you a boost to feel good in your day and may just help someone out of a tricky situation too.

….So we were on our way to Florence, by car and train.  We had driven about half an hour from the Casolare where we were staying to the nearest train station.  We had directions on where to park, but when we got there, it wasn’t as simple as it had seemed.   A one way system of traffic complicated the options for parking and signs were not clear as to where we were allowed to park all day.   After driving around clueless and getting closer to the train departure time, with stress building, we got to a car park near the station.   The ticket machine didn’t take credit cards and we didn’t have enough coins for a full day’s parking.  We were scuppered and quickly realised we had to find somewhere else to park.   I spotted a policeman and went to ask him where best to park.   He spoke little English but tried to direct us as best he could, offering more than one option which was confusing!   As we got back in the car, repeating to ourselves the directions we had been given to try to get them to stick, the policeman suddenly appeared alongside in his car and indicated that we should follow him.

He drove us around the options he had suggested as we followed him until he found us the perfect parking space which was free for all day parking.  Wow!  He then waved us off and drove off.

All the Stress just melted away…

We got to the station in good time to catch our train to Florence.  We could forget all worries of leaving the car, knowing that it was parked legally all day.   Had the policeman not helped us, we would have likely not only missed the train stressing over where to park, but would have certainly have worried during the day if the car was legally parked or even if we would find the car towed away on our return.  This simple random act of kindness impacted hugely on our day.

If you are caught up in your own cyclone of stress, maybe you just don’t think of reaching outside of yourself to ask for help?  My advice to you today is to soften your focus for just a minute when you feel sucked into a stress situation, and notice the help that may be around you.  You may find, just as I did, that the perfect help to end your stress is right there in front of you.

So let yourself just welcome in any random act of kindness for you in your day. If you get any opportunity to be kind to someone in your day today, take it. Be open to giving and receiving love and kindness in the most unexpected ways.  We are all just finding our way daily on this planet and when we connect with others in some way, it makes life a little easier for us all.    It will brighten your day and lift your spirits for sure.

Until next time

With love and light  x

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