How Learning To Be Patient Quells Anxiety

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

How patient are you with yourself, I wonder?   My many years of practice has taught me that most people who experience stress and anxiety have low levels of tolerance with themselves – they aren’t very patient and understanding of themselves and often nor of others.

Do you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to have things done ‘yesterday?’  If you often feel tense and uptight in your day, then the chances are you do.  Our pace of life can sometimes feel so fast that it can feel like we need to do everything yesterday, just to keep up.   Forget growing! – there’s just no time to wait to transform!  It all has to happen now!!!  Does this sound familiar to you?


For people who want things to be different but who don’t have the time or invest in making such a transformation happen, sometimes feel drawn to hypnotherapy because it is often wrongly sold with the promise of a ‘quick fix’ requiring little effort.  It’s true however that hypnotherapy can produce outstanding results (I have seen this many times myself with my clients).  This is so because it generates awareness and releases stuck emotion, which promotes healing.  The key to success is always how you integrate this awareness into your life.  This may take a little while to adjust fully, particularly if lifestyle changes are required to sustain transformation.

Sometimes adjusting to a sudden change needs to take time, yet change can feel like it happens too quickly to allow for you to adjust – a job is suddenly lost, a loved one suddenly dies, a relationship is suddenly ended, an education is suddenly finished, a feeling is suddenly gone.  Even if you knew deep down that a change was coming, the reality of it actually happening can still shock you.

It’s vital for your health and wellbeing to accept that sometimes a little patience is required.

Allow yourself time to adjust by telling yourself, in whatever circumstance, that ‘I am just in a period of transition’.  Give yourself permission to create ‘a waiting place’ or a ‘stopping place’ – let it be a vacation from whizzing in your life ‘with all cylinders firing’.   You might like to think of it as switching the ‘cruise control’ and take your foot off the accelerator for a little while.  It’s important to be gentle with yourself during this time, and to allow yourself the space to get used to the idea of the change.

Your life will be off running in a new direction, soon enough.

Just Be.

Give yourself permission to get off the merry go-round of ‘human doing’ and get back to yourself as a ‘human being’.

The simple truth is that ‘Evolving’ is a process of learning and growing.  It takes time.  For some it’s a little quicker, but for you it might be longer.

A lovely client grieving the sad loss of her dear husband and life partner two years earlier had been told by her GP at the time that she should be over it by now!  Who says there is any time frame on grief.  There isn’t.  Negative emotion, like guilt or regret for example, can keep you stuck.  With the right help of course, a transition into the next chapter can be smoother and quicker.

Taking your time means you get the chance to make sense of your situation and to learn what you need to learn from the experience.  It gives you the opportunity to draw on your talents and resources so that you may build your confidence ready for your next life chapter to begin.

So don’t rush your emotion.  Just give it time.  Be patient and kind to yourself and you’ll get there.

Until next time

With love and light  x


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