How to Calm Spiraling Anxiety and Regain Your Balance

This third part of the mini series ‘Help With Anxiety’ talks you through how Advanced Hypnotherapy can help you to effectively calm anxiety and regain a sense of balance in your life.

In the second part of this series, I discussed how hypnosis is a natural process of deep relaxation in mind and body using focused attention and how in this relaxed state the mind is more open to positive auto-suggestion.  This means that as you become more deeply relaxed, you are more able to tune your awareness to your breath and your body functioning so that you may re-set your inner balance naturally.


Relax and let change happen?!

Over the years hypnotherapy has become typically known for offering a passive suggestion based therapy.  As you relax, suggestions and guided imagery are offered to you which your mind more readily absorbs (because you are relaxed), persuading you to change unwanted habits and behaviours.   The suggestion process is by itself very relaxing and can positively impact on anxiety levels as it calms the breath and gently guides the body and mind back to balance.    However, long term, it has its limitations though for these reasons…

  • You will only accept the suggestions if they are congruent with your beliefs
  • You need to be in the right frame of mind and open to change to accept the suggestions
  • Suggestion therapy does not address the deeper root cause of issues

You might say that suggestion therapy is a bit like a comforting throw or blanket that wraps around any discomfort.  It does create change in the short term but when buttons get pressed as they inevitably do, unless the root cause has been cleared and you understand how and why your mind created such an anxiety response, the subconscious will simply default to the old associated behaviour at the first hurdle.   Ever heard anyone say that hypnotherapy doesn’t work?  Now you know why.

Suggestion therapy does have some value of course.  However I believe it is best used not merely as a stand alone therapy but used in the initial stages of a process which combines more dynamic therapies.  Initial use of suggestion therapy creates a mindset that is conducive to change.  It is also useful to reinforce your individual positive messages generated in the process of more dynamic therapy.

You really don’t have to suffer as you are…

Of most concern is that you remain passive in the process.  Many clients are initially concerned by a perceived possible loss of control or worse still, just expecting a magic bullet of some kind. Certain hypnotists may say they ‘can make you’ this or that, but my opinion is – if anyone could take over someone else’s mind with suggestion, wouldn’t they be ruling the world by now?!  It is foolish and a waste of your money to believe that someone else can take your problems away for you – that’s just marketing hype.  You can hire a PT at the gym but he can’t do your press-ups for you.  It’s the same for therapy;  you have to be fully engaged in the process yourself!  – But you don’t have to do it alone.

With a pro-active approach and the right support it is easier than you may think to take control and calm spiraling anxiety.  You really don’t have to suffer as you are.

Advanced Hypnotherapy is ‘dynamic therapy in hypnosis’ and it facilitates change.  It offers the pro-active approach you may be seeking.  Instead of whipping yourself up into a frenzy as I discussed in the second part, you can use that same mind power to break free from anxiety.  This more advanced type of therapy aims to find the originating cause behind the problem and adopts a variety of dynamic mind strategies and tools to help you to move forward.

Discover new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in your life…

The best way to describe it is as a speedy form of psychotherapy that identifies subconscious beliefs and emotions, past memories and future goals.   You are not passive in the process but fully involved in this conversational style of therapy.   Whilst you are relaxed and your body is still, you are too busy to fall asleep!  We work together off the cuff spontaneously to unravel whatever we need to in a comfortable way for you, as I guide you in your thoughts so that you achieve a greater understanding of your issues and get out of your own way.

This means you can start to find new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in your life and set yourself free from anxiety. Just imagine what that will mean for you to be living your life feeling relaxed and free from anxiety.  You will be feeling happier and more secure within yourself for sure – just imagine how much different and better your life will be without it. With the right help, it is certainly possible.

You may have unresolved issues, habits which have led to your spiraling anxiety.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, does it feel like the old behaviour or feelings creep back?  Truth is, willpower and conscious reasoning simply aren’t enough because the thoughts or behaviour are a programmed response as a result of ingrained beliefs about yourself and your abilities.   When circumstances change but the emotional response is triggered from outdated programming, problems arise.   The key to setting yourself free from anxiety is in clearing these outdated responses and adopting the right strategies to take control in the present.

As you free yourself from anxiety, now you can begin to really live!…

Hypnotherapy isn’t just about clearing anxieties, whether specific or vague floating issues.  That’s just the first step in your journey to freedom.  Once you know who you are really are and you feel ready to move your life forward free from those outdated fears and unhelpful beliefs, the process of advanced hypnotherapy coaching helps you to learn more about yourself as you make effective leaps forward in the process of change.  YOU CAN enjoy better health, perform to your best ability and become the person you truly choose to be.

I hope my thoughts here have perhaps widened your understanding of hypnotherapy and that you feel reassured by my explanations.  My focus for many years now has been on helping people like you to feel empowered to take control. As an Advanced Hypnotherapist and a Consultant Integrative Psychotherapist, I have developed over many years of experience a unique blend of therapies to help you to effectively calm spiraling anxiety and find your way to balance.  Some of these therapies I use with hypnosis and some without.

Coming Soon…

In the next part of this series, I will explain more on my uncommon blend of therapies and coaching strategies and, how adopting the right combination of these dynamic techniques means freedom for you from anxiety as you learn to take control.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this – it’s something I’ve not really considered but I’ve heard people use it for other issues other than anxiety. A great read.

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