How To Dodge Stress When Your Day Throws A Curve Ball

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

I got to thinking this morning as I noticed, whilst making breakfast waffles with my son, how I was beginning to stress over an unexpected change to my morning work schedule. I pulled myself up sharply as I realized this.  Sometimes we just have to accept that we can’t do everything all at the same time and how sometimes our priorities just have to change.

It might be that you are imagining your day developing in a fairly calm and stress free way, with a few things to get done, a few people to see perhaps, but nothing too major.  Then for you it might be that suddenly, a mini-drama rears its head with your family  or with an issue at work and you are sent reeling into a downward spiral of stress!


Perhaps you have to deal with an urgent situation or problem for one of your children at school, or maybe some extra work with a tight deadline has just landed on your desk?   Isn’t it so true that an urgent demand and a sudden change of plan can leave you at times feeling the stress, with a head spinning and a heart racing?  When this happens, it throws us off balance because we just didn’t see it coming.  You instantly feel out of control. Does this ever happen to you?

If you tend towards stress…

I wonder how rigid do you tend to be in your thinking?  If you tend towards stress then the chances are, you like things to go as planned and you don’t welcome the unexpected too well?  This can make you quite rigid in your thinking.

So maybe consider the option of a slightly more flexible attitude and you will find yourself more able to bend a little more in your day.   It’s good to have a plan for your day but be mindful of the musts and shoulds that go along with it.  You can’t do everything all at the same time and the little known secret of an effective to-do list is to keep re-prioritizing.   Sometimes things do come up which just need to come first.    Checking in with yourself too as to what your real priorities are, will likely help you feel better about having to delay your plans.

To help yourself stay on top of your to-do and keep a sense of perspective when stuff happens, I suggest you do this to help maintain a sense of control.

List your tasks by the circumstances and demands on you at the time and tell yourself – if everything stays the same pretty much, then I will work through this list.

Write a list of everything you want to achieve in a particular day, then write a smaller list – in priority order of actions you will need to take and calls you will need to make. Make sure you celebrate each task you achieve with wholesome tick, take a moment to check and re-prioritise if necessary.

For those things you want to do but don’t absolutely need to get done at that time, just write them onto a separate list so you have less to think about.

When you do this, you’ll be able to flow more with your day and prevent stress.  Perhaps you’ll even begin to look forward to a few surprises along the way!

Until next time

With love and light  x

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