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My aim here is to inspire you to feel more positive and more confident within yourself to ease stress and to support you to create the change you want to happen in your life.”  I’m offering you here a healthy dose of positivity and fun every Tuesday straight to your inbox.


Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…


I’ve been inspired to share my ideas on this today by a teenage Uni student whom I helped recently.  She was floundering in her studies, feeling stress and anxiety and living in chaos.
If you are experiencing stress and overwhelm…

it is likely that your To Do list is overflowing, that your mind is flitting, that you find it hard to make a decision and that you are not thinking in an ordered way.

Your office, your living space and even your car are an outward reflection of what’s happening within you… a kind of mirror you might say, of any confusion and distractions you may be grappling with.

The best approach is to take positive pro-active steps to channel your energy and to ground yourself in the present.


First, centre yourself.  Take some time out – go for a walk in nature, sit quietly and listen to your favourite music.  I’d always recommend ten minutes of self hypnosis to still your mind and calm your emotion and bring your attention into the present moment and breathe…  Why not take a walk with me along the sea shore with my free download to help you to de-stress and unwind?

Next, identify your priorities.  Begin by listing everything you have to do, then chunk the list down prioritising by time deadlines.  This will help you to focus on the most urgent demands.  Continue chunking down each task into bite-sized actions of say, 3-5 steps.  Decide on the first step to take and do that.  Then, move on to the second step.  Set aside a specific amount of time to complete it.  Do nothing else until that first step is done.  Be strong with yourself and make this commitment.  If necessary, keep checking in and re-prioritising to meet the demands of the day.
As you get better at channelling your energy and focussing on one step at a time, you will find distractions seem less and you will feel increasingly more organised and in control as you progress.
Then, order and clear your immediate environment. Of course, if you clear your mind and you get organised mentally but you still live in chaos, you’ll continue to feel stress. 

Do remember that outside clutter serves as a mirror of a confused and disorganised mind.  In order to feel at peace within yourself and in your surroundings, it helps to clear any physical chaos around you.  Physical space will reflect to you a ‘headspace’ so you can think more clearly and more freely.

So this ‘Choose Day’ you can choose to tidy your the room clutter, to clear and organise your desk and go clean your car!

Until next time

With love and light x

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From the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…Anxiety Help Bournemouth


“ I’m 37 and work full time with two children under ten.  My dad died four years ago and my mum has recently relocated to be nearer to us and is now living with us whilst she looks to buy.
I thought having my mum move in would make my life easier with more support but now it seems I have even less time for myself.   I love my family very much and don’t want to be a nag but how can I get my husband and my mum to take more responsibility and share the load? I’m exhausted and irritable all the time.

A summary of my advice…        

It sounds to me like you have taken on the role of ‘organiser’ in your family.  It is comfortable for others to sit back and let you take the strain.  I wonder what you gained for yourself in the past by stepping in to this role and what might you fear would happen if you took the decision to ditch that role?  What would happen I wonder if you just stopped managing everything?  Perhaps you fear that they would get on fine without you or maybe you worry that they might not love you in the same way?  You are a ‘people pleaser’ which leaves you overburdened and stressed.  You don’t need to nag but you do need to be assertive here.

Think about what needs to get done at home and, how you would rather be spending your time.  Make arrangements to get busy doing what you would rather do – perhaps an evening out with your husband or girlfriends, some self pampering time or a trip to the cinema or theatre.  You could make the most of your mum living with you and ask her to babysit for you a couple of times a week which would be a good opportunity for her to help out with some ironing or some other chore.

Draw up a to-do list and calmly and politely ask for help.  Your family may be surprised and a bit disgruntled with the change – it has got comfortable for them just sitting back.  Remain firm and they will soon begin to appreciate the benefit of a calmer, happier and healthier you.

Good luck!  And if you need further support in developing strategies to be more assertive in a way that avoids argument, just get in touch.  I’ll be happy to help.

If you’d like my advice with your particular wobble or worry, simply click on the link here



Lisa Skeffington, Anxiety Expert – Anxiety Help Bournemouth

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