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My aim here is to inspire you to feel more positive and more confident within yourself to end stress and create the change you want to happen in your life.”  I’m offering you here empowering strategies to help you to take control along with a healthy dose of positivity and fun every Tuesday straight to your inbox.

Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

There’s so much talk these days about mindfulness – so what is it?  Well, it’s really just being mindful to live in the present moment, to just be aware of yourself right here, right now.  The simplest way to do this is to BREATHE – focus on your breath – not so much breathing in, but moreso breathing out deeply and slowly.  Breathing in this way grounds you into the present which allows you to be more aware of what you are doing right now.  That’s it!

Do this simple thing and you will be more calm and relaxed because you will be getting more out of yourself and your life so you will feel better about yourself and feel more fulfilled.  You will notice that you are more productive because you consciously apply all your attention onto your daily tasks, you focus more, your concentration improves, you feel more empathetic towards others and more secure within yourself.

Don’t let your thoughts stress you and drag you back into living in the past.  Instead use the learning from those tough times in the past to help you to be mindful of how best to respond to life in the present.  Whilst it’s vital to have a vision of set goals into the future to give you direction, worrying about what might or might not happen just creates anxiety and pressure on what you do in the present.

You create an ‘idea’ of what your future will be like based on where you are now in the present and where you have been in the past.  So the best way to create a compelling future is to live fully in the present and trust that making a positive difference today will allow you to reap the benefits of a calm and happy future tomorrow.  You are the master of your destiny and your destiny is in your hands today!

So often the present escapes you because you are too focused on traumatising yourself going over past hurts or injustice and fretting about future events which probably won’t even happen.  When you do this you create stress for yourself.

Yet, when you become mindful, you realise that your thoughts no longer need to control you, that you don’t have to get caught up in endless thought, that you can become detached from them and observe them in a way that allows you to take back control of your mind.

Whether you call it mindfulness or the power of NOW – it is acknowledging the present that matters – that is the only moment you ever have control of, so make it count!
Next time, I will share with you my specific snippets of advice in how to live more in the moment…
Until then

With love and light x

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Anxiety and Stress Help BournemouthFrom the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…

“Our daughter is 26 and has lived 200 miles away in London since university.  She had a steady job which has ended suddenly due to unexpected cuts and she is now wanting to move back home whilst she decides what she wants to do from here.

My husband and I have become much closer since she left home (she’s an only child) and I feel guilty and torn because I don’t want to give that up but at the same time I want our daughter to know we are here for her too.   Please tell me if you see a way to make everyone happy.



A summary of my advice…
It’s wonderful that you and your husband have strengthened your relationship together since your daughter left home and rediscovered a closeness that is so often lost in the hectic day to day routine of raising children and supporting a family financially.

Your daughter has lost her job unexpectedly and it will be a shock to her because she didn’t see it coming.  It’s understandable that it may have rocked her sense of security and it’s natural for her – and a compliment to you both – that she wants to flee to the safety of home where she will find that sense of acceptance and self worth she is likely needing right now.   Let her come but talk to her and explain that for everyone’s sake, there must be a time limit on how long she can stay with you, so that she can get focused on moving her life forward.   Reassure her that you believe in her abilities and that if she applies herself you have no doubt that she will find another job quite quickly and that you are there for her until she does.

In the meantime, make sure you and your husband arrange as much independent time for yourselves as you can so that you don’t just spend your time as a three.  I’m sure your daughter will appreciate her own space also.  That way when things move on, you’ll know you did your best to support your daughter but also that you took steps to keep the closeness with your husband too.


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