How To Give Your Stress and Worry Away

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…


So today I want to talk to you about letting go of stress and negative thinking you may be holding onto, that is weighing you down, clouding your mind, blocking your emotional and creative channels.  You know that stuff you carry at different times that depresses your mood and your energy?
It sounds a very simplistic idea because it is – the best ideas are often the simplest.  So here’s how to do it…


  • When you find that Stress is getting to you, go outside for a walk, if it can be in amongst nature where the air is clearest, then that’s fantastic. If you’re in a city, then maybe just try and find some streets that are a bit quieter to escape from the hubbub of your busy day.


  • As you walk along, think about what it is that is troubling you, worrying you, frustrating you or even hurting you.


  • Focus all your attention on this feeling of stress and begin to say to yourself …. “This feeling, this feeling… this feeling”


      • Imagine within your mind now a ball and this ball as it rolls through the pathways of your mind is absorbing those feelings, imprinting them into the ball.


      • Now if you wish, imagine that you can take the ball from your mind into your hands. I wonder does it feel light or heavy?  You might like to release the ball directly from your mind by tossing your head as if you were ‘headering’ a ball.


      • Either way, you can choose now to throw it up to the universe and let the universe catch it.  Breathe, lift up your hands and outstretch your arms.


      • Now you can enjoy feeling lighter and clearer in your mind.


The physical action of throwing the ball up to the universe breaks the stress pattern of thinking negatively in that feeling and emphasises a sense of release.  If you embrace this idea, you will feel lighter and more free within yourself for sure.  All things are possible.  It is only the limitation you set for yourself that determines those realms of possibility for you.
Until next time

With love and light x
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From the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…Anxiety Help Bournemouth


“I have a fear of the dentist and I really need to control my nerves as I need to have three crowns replaced.  I had a horrible experience with impacted wisdom teeth as a teenager…

I’m 43 now and I get uptight and panicky at the idea of anyone prodding around in my mouth.  It hurts and I feel very exposed.  Any ideas to help me cope?
 A summary of my advice…

Dental phobia is very common.  You are certainly not alone in your fear.  Distraction is a great way to focus away from what’s happening.  Ask your dentist not to give you a step by step commentary on what they are doing which many like to do as a way to reassure you.  Directing your thoughts to focus completely away from what’s happening and onto something much more engaging and enjoyable can make the dentist a much easier experience to handle.  Self hypnosis with visualisation is a great coping tool for this, which I can help you directly with.

From what you say, there may be some negative self talk at play which is tapping into those past teenage vulnerabilities.   Your mind is associating the past trauma to your current experience so it’s almost as if it’s your teen self is visiting the dentist all over again. Recognise this for yourself and it may help you to ground yourself into the present experience.   Ideally you would need a couple of hypnotherapy sessions to gently clear the strong emotion linked to your past experiences and condition yourself to grow more comfortable with the idea of placing your trust in a dentist today.

If you talk candidly to your dentist and let him know that it hurts you, he should be able to control your pain relief effectively.  Also, did you know that you can learn how to use your mind to numb the signals of pain to your brain so that you perceive things differently?  Then it doesn’t have to hurt any more.  With the right help, it’s totally possible for you to feel very comfortable at the dentist no matter what work is required.

If you’d like my advice with your particular wobble or worry, simply click here to get help.




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