How To Learn To Trust Yourself and Others – Trust vs Anxiety Part 2

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This is the second part of Trust vs Anxiety, helping you understand and develop a stronger sense of trust in your life.  If you are struggling to trust other people in your life right now, here are some practical steps to help you feel more confident to do this…

Keep Your Wits About You.   Pay attention to the details in what you see and what you hear.  If you have difficulty trusting, you will easily become suspicious.    Don’t let yourself over-obsess.  Notice if you are going over and over the same thoughts.   Are those thoughts connected to any other situation from the past perhaps?  It is possible you are spiraling because you are linking to past hurt.

Don’t assume.  Ask others what they are really thinking and listen carefully to make sure you are fully understanding by reflecting back to them and asking them to confirm you have got it right.

Pay attention to how you feel deep inside about the situation.  Don’t listen to that nagging voice within that tells you how you ‘should’ think or feel.  Let yourself sit or walk a while and go deeper.

Be honest with yourself about how you feel about this information which you are bringing into your awareness.   Some information will be positive and affirming.  Other information may be less so.  Ask yourself ‘What is this telling me?’ ‘Does this add up or make sense?’  Listen to the answer.

Consider how you might discuss a pro-active solution to a present day concern to find a satisfactory solution.

The more frequently you do this, the more you will be able to reflect on those times when you listened to that deepest, quiet voice within and you acted in your best interests, and made the right decisions, no matter how small.

Through experience, you will begin to grow your confidence to make sound judgements.   The more comfortable you get with this, the more effectively you will surround yourself with the right people for you, in the right circumstances.    The more comfortable you become with trusting yourself, the less you will experience anxiety in your life because when you truly trust yourself, nothing fazes you – you trust that somehow no matter what, you’ll find a way to cope.

Trust in the Future

How do you trust in the unknown? In what you can’t see or touch or even make sense of yet?  It can be hard to trust in a future we can’t  imagine, can’t it?  It’s like the dots just don’t join up.  The dots only join looking back on the past because we have specific events which link to memories. Going forward, it’s abstract – it hasn’t been created yet!

The trick here in learning to feel comfortable with your ‘tomorrows’ is to find something (anything) to trust and believe in.  Let it be your God, The Universe, Universal Laws of Action, Energy, Attraction or of Relativity, Good Over Evil, Your Partner, Your Mum, or even the turning of the tide against the shore – whatever works for you, use that to create a sense of certainty for you in your life.  This will enable you to take that leap of faith, trusting that somehow, some way, if we just keep going, the dots will find their way to join.

To your happiness and your success

With love and light x
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