How to Lift Dull Days of Depression

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…


If you’re feeling a bit low lately or you perhaps feel that you suffer with depression, you might perhaps relate to the idea that it feels like a a shutter or blind has been pulled down in your mind or even in your life.  Maybe it seems like your world has grown a little darker somehow and that you are living in a colder darker lonelier space than before.  It’s not necessarily like you know the day it happened, you just became aware one day that the world seemed a bit different perhaps.

A perception of darkness and coldness saps energy and naturally makes you want to curl up to preserve heat.   It’s easier it feel this way in the winter months when the days are naturally darker and colder.

I helped a particular client recently who felt like this and had been suffering with depression for a long time and together we developed a way for her to pull up the shutter and let the sun in to her world.  Just imagine now, that you could do the same for you.


Let’s play…

  1. Imagine yourself in a dark cold space – make it as realistic as you can for yourself. If you use this technique, you’ll never stay in such a dark cold place again.

  3. In this dark cold place, imagine a big shutter fully covering a great window behind. Now you can’t see the window but just pretend that you get a sense of it being really big and wide behind the shutter, as if they might be French door windows.

  5. Notice if the shutter has a lock that it keeping it down. If do, unlock it.

  7. Think of a short phrase or word to command your mind to lift the shutter automatically. Choose your command – ‘Shutter Up’  ‘Sunshine In’…? Say it now.

  9. Imagine how you feel as you watch the shutter begin to lift and rise. Affirm for yourself that this shutter represents the darkness, isolation and depression lifting. Feast your eyes on the sunlight as it streams into the room.  Imagine it illuminating every corner of your mind.  Be dazzled by its brightness!

  11. Approach the window and look at the sky – clear and vivid and blue. Breathe into the blueness and feel it calm you.

  13. As you stare out of the window, imagine how you see familiar people, smiling chatting and having fun. As your body warms and your mind clears, imagine how good it feels as you open those glass French doors and walk outside to engage with life again.


Until next time

With love and light x

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From the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…Anxiety Help Bournemouth

“I really need to wean myself off of junk food.  I am very active and quite sporty in my life so I’ve always got away with picking more than I should.

I turned 30 recently and really want to curb my binge eating before it catches up with me.  I’m becoming a bit of a secret eater and it doesn’t make me feel good about myself.   Do you have any advice on how to break this habit?

A summary of my advice…        

At the moment you are active and sporty so you can more easily mask those poor eating habits.   Junk food often contains chemicals, excess sugar and salt which is harmful to your body over time so even though you may not ‘wear’ the junk food you eat in being overweight, your body is still feeling the effects in its vital organs.   It’s great to hear that you want to make a change!   A fantastic way to increase your motivation to eat more healthily is to imagine yourself at a point where two paths meet (this is your choice today), one way is the positive effects of healthier eating and a healthy lifestyle, the other is the consequence of eating that  junk food over time.

In your imagination, explore both paths and really look at the consequences of the different actions over time.   Get into the feeling of it – how do you feel about yourself and what will it mean for your health and, how might your ability to be enjoy sport be affected over time?  Compare that to the benefits of healthier eating and imagine yourself in good health and fighting fit not just now but years from now.    The feelings direct you to make the right choice for you.  The right choice takes you along your healthy path to a healthier future.  

When you choose emotionally and intellectually, it is easier to then ask yourself just in the moment when you go to pick, ‘am I making the right choice?’  If you remind yourself of the good healthy feeling, you’ll be less likely to do it.  Every healthy choice takes you further along your healthy path and further away from that old unhealthy eating habit.  Good luck! And if you want to work with me 121 on this, let me know.


If you’d like my advice with your particular wobble or worry, simply click here to get help.



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