How to Stop Torturing Yourself and Take a Break From Anxiety

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

When you worry about something, how many times do you think the same worrying thought, I wonder?  Do you ever catch yourself going over and over that worrying thought to the point where it feels like a cyclone sucking you in and you just can’t escape.  You try to think about something else but your mind just comes back to that worrying thought.

This process of going over and over a pattern of thinking in your mind is called ‘Rumination’ – great word!


You might even feel frustrated with yourself that you keep tormenting or perhaps frightening yourself in this way… your mood spirals downwards and yet you still keep ‘going on’ over those same worries.  When this happens, it may feel as if you are letting your thoughts take control.

The key is to distract yourself.  Busy yourself in a different way.  Break the pattern of your thoughts by giving your mind something else to focus on.  That worrying thought just fills a moment and if you are filling that moment with something else, some other action or thought in that moment, there’s no opportunity for that worrying thought to come through.

You begin to interrupt the pattern by inhibiting or stopping the worrying thought from re-surfacing.

Think about how you might distract yourself… just to fill those few moments… distracting yourself a few moments at a time.

Sing a few lines of a favourite song

Count backwards from a random high number.

Changing state is an excellent way to interrupt a chain of thought – so if you are sitting, stand up and move.

Read something backwards

Notice the detail of something particular in your environment

Tune into your senses and notice what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch

Follow your breath, especially your out-breath

Do anything that just gets you thinking away from that worrying though or idea, takes you to a better and calmer place within yourself.  You will begin to distance yourself from those worries which helps you to gain some perspective and calm your reactions to the fears you are imagining.

I hope this helps you.

Until next time

With love and light  x

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