How Your ‘Green-Eyed Monster’ Creates Success!

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…


Would you ever admit to letting jealousy get the better of you?   It’s not something anyone would care to shout about, is it?!

I wonder if you are you feeling stifled in your professional or personal life at the moment?  If you are, is it that you are perhaps feeling irritated by someone you know who just seems to have it all going on?… they just seem so ‘on it’, don’t they? Perhaps it’s the success that you want in some way for yourself?  Chances are this makes you feel even worse about yourself and your circumstances thanks to that perhaps familiar and negative spiral of self criticism, right?  Perhaps secretly within yourself, that green eyed monster is quietly seething in self pity, spraying venom surreptitiously…  This doesn’t paint a pretty picture and it certainly isn’t one you’d care to share.


The truth is we all have parts of ourselves which, from to time, we choose to deny.  So what if you were really honest with yourself today and began to accept that you feel this way?   The moment you rise to this challenge, you find your power.  You move yourself from a perception of being lesser and inferior to owning your feelings.  With responsibility comes great power.

How might it be if you got to know that person better?   Of course you know that no-one’s life is ever as rosy as it may seem to people on the outside of reality.  We are all human and fallible after all and to most, success doesn’t come without hard work and dedication either professionally in your career or personally in your friendships and relationships.   Be sure to keep your sights rounded when you compare yourself to them.

So how might you create success for you?

Get curious about what it is you admire in this person…  What is it that they do well that gets them where they are in their career, in their relationships and friendships, in their life?

Choose today to turn jealousy into envy and seek out what you can choose to learn from that person.  How might you emulate this person in their particular approach  and attitude to create success for you?  Identify which positive qualities, skills and thought processes they possess, which you maybe feel you lack in yourself.  Might this person become a mentor to you?

A mentoring relationship is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of someone more experienced in the area you are looking to develop for yourself.  A mentor can be useful to you in your career, in your parenting, in your fitness, in your eating, in your personal growth and in managing emotion to help you further along your road to success.

Perhaps you could invite this person for lunch or for coffee and share your curiosity in wanting to understand their success?  Most people are flattered and would be very willing and enthusiastic to share any knowledge they have in having achieved success for themselves.  Everyone has their unique story and you are writing yours.    A mentor may just be able to point out any pitfalls, blind spots and potential hazards they have already been through, so you don’t have to – which means you get the success you want for yourself more effectively.

So my pro-active strategy for you today is to ‘turn jealousy into envy’ and let that motivate you to find someone to help you to find your way to success.     And if you’d like my help, I’m right here.

Until next time

With love and light x

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