International Affiliate Scheme

Empowered Momentum Affiliate Rewards

Would you welcome the opportunity to share the love AND earn some regular extra cash in these tough economic times?


How many people come to mind for you in your personal and professional life, who are silently stressing and still battling to cope? So, if I asked you to list 3 or 4 people you know with stress and anxiety right now… you could probably do that, couldn’t you?


Together we are a powerful force for change. You can absolutely help!


You can help them to secure the support you know they need – whether it’s with their relationships, with their career, with their health or generally within themselves in their day to day.


My practice has thrived over the past twenty-five years and I’ve helped thousands of women and men, and their families to ease anxiety and feel more confident and worthy and relaxed in their lives. This has been largely due to recommendation through word of mouth by the vast majority of my clients, alongside GPs and other medical professionals. 


If you’d like to help me to share the love and sow even more seeds of calm to continue to make life a little easier for everyone, then I invite you to partner with me. You’ll get paid regularly as you recommend my products and services.

 I’d love to invite you to join me as an Affiliate Member of my: 

Empowered Momentum Affiliate Rewards Scheme


I have been told many times by clients that you are only too willing to recommend me without expecting any financial gain in return; that you had simply wanted them to get valuable and effective and quality help. Yet, as my practice grows, it seems very fair to me to reward you for helping me to share the love far and wide.


Here’s How it Works:

For every product or service sold as a direct result of your recommendation, you will receive the following financial reward:

On all Products from my store – 20% of the nett sales price excl. VAT

On all Mentoring Consultancy Services – 10% of the nett sales price excl. VAT

The purchaser will be required to add your name to the order form or email me at in order to confirm your recommendation, so that you may secure your commission.

Commission will be totalled monthly and paid by BACS Transfer.

Click the button to complete your application.

When your application is received, you’ll be contacted by a member of my team to book a time to talk through this opportunity in detail. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to me directly

by email at or 

call my team at my office on 01202 052149 and I will get back to your personally.



Affiliate Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. Commissions are payable only to those people registered and accepted as a member of the Empowered Momentum Affiliate Scheme.
  2. Commissions are payable for new clients only. If a client already exists on the database or has purchased products or services previously, no commission will be paid.
  3. Rewards on services applies only to contracts of a minimum three months’ sign up.
  4. Financial rewards on client services must be used within six months from the date of issue.
  5. Empowered Momentum reserves the right to amend or terminate the commission structure at any time. Registered Affiliates will be notified of any changes.
  6. This Scheme excludes and does not form part of any separate or pre-existing referral arrangements in association with Empowered Momentum Ltd.
  7. Empowered Momentum Ltd may at any time solicit client referrals or maintain other commission agreements which may differ from the terms of this agreement.
  8. If any change is not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate your membership.
  9. Empowered Momentum Ltd reserves the right to reject applications for membership for any or no reason.
  10. Empowered Momentum Ltd reserves the right to cancel any membership of the Scheme at any time.

All the above terms of this Agreement are made under English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.