How To Let Anxiety Go And Get What You Really Want

If the idea of feeling more empowered in your life appeals, then my blog here today will help you to shift perspective any anxiety and stress you may be experiencing right now..

Do you ever get that feeling of information overload? Maybe today is one of those days when it all just feels a bit too much to take in? When you feel this way, it is just that you have become consciously aware of a smidgen of the information your mind is processing. You can help yourself feel more relaxed with what’s going on for you by starting to trust more that your mind knows how to move you through it. There’s a lot you can do to help your mind work better for you and get more of what you want showing up in your life….


You are a Mine of Information and a Storehouse of Power!

Your mind and body are incredibly busy all the time, observing, absorbing, checking and processing and storing information. To help you to make sense of your environment and functioning day to day, your brain needs to filter – there’s just way too much information.   You can take advantage of your brain’s filtering abilities and get your mind working well for you to get you more of what you want.


How Can You Get It Working For You?

The simple science is those positive thoughts you are attracted to, lead to positive feelings, which the mind’s information filter will pick up on and hold onto. This means it then filters out other seemingly less important information, which carries less feeling.

What I’m saying to you here is that… as you vividly and consistently imagine what you want for yourself with positive thought and feeling, your subconscious takes this passion as instruction and re-sets your information filter (known as your reticular system). When this happens, your brain becomes more aware of new opportunities that match this instruction, so what you think about you begin to attract!


An Example – Letting Go of Anxiety

So an example of this might be – when you want a new car, let’s say that you fancy getting yourself a fun convertible, like me just now, and you start to think about getting one. You suddenly notice so many convertibles on the road! These convertibles were always on the road before, but since you have re-set your reticular filter to focus on convertibles, your brain notices them more readily. It seems as if there are more around suddenly, but it’s just that you notice them more. I hope you are beginning to get how your mind works?

It’s widely said that most of your worries never happen. This is certainly true. What is also true though is that the more you focus on anxiety and on fearful, negative situations, the more you experience anxiety because you are continually pre-playing what you fear. In short, it becomes more likely to happen, simply because you are focusing on it, and therefore bringing the idea into the awareness of the filtering system. You could say that you negatively hypnotize yourself to bring about what you don’t want through a pre-set programme that you create.


Your Thoughts Direct The Play You Act Out On Life’s Stage

Your fears can become a self-fulfilling prophecy… you see, your mind is listening carefully to what your thoughts are directing will happen. It creates images to bring the thoughts to life as if you are directing your own play on your life’s stage. Your scenes play out. Your subconscious mind lacks logic, and doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real – that’s a job for the conscious mind. So, your subconscious creates an adrenal response within the nervous system, to protect you from this imagined event you fear. When this keeps happening, you experience an ongoing state of anxiety.


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How To Help Yourself Shift Anxiety Today

Take some time today to really think about the positive change you’d like to see in your life.  To help you to get clear on what you want, imagine that as the sun rises on a new day, a miracle has mysteriously happened and your challenges now have evaporated and that this miracle ripples positively into every aspect of your life. Your life has become just how you desire it to be. In this imagined future way, how is your life different, I wonder?  What might be a sign that you’ll be feeling better about things from now on in this future place?  What’s different about you? Has anxiety eased?

As you imagine this vividly for yourself with feeling, you create a ‘mind-movie’ or programme in your mind’.  You begin to shift focus away from the negative imaging and programming in your mind (which maybe you hadn’t realized was even there?) Your mind shifts onto a lighter and more optimistic way of seeing things, which makes you more open to attracting the opportunities for the change you seek.


Are you open to creating a life that works for you?

Take yourself there in your mind’s eye.

Let your heart follow. You’ll be there before you know it!

If you’d like to start attracting more of what you want in your life, and begin to feel happier in yourself, I can help you to get your thoughts into perspective so that you can start thinking more positively, and create better pictures in your mind, which in turn create better feelings, to boost your reticular filter in your favour. If you’d like to learn how to take control and regain your confidence, overcome worry, let go of stress and anxiety, and feel happier within yourself, just contact me to arrange an initial chat.  Let’s get you scheduled in to talk things through.

Until next time,

With love and light x


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