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Lifeline - anxiety help Bournemouth


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 I wonder if you are feeling good about what you hoped would take shape for you in 2016? If you didn’t get there, perhaps the New Year resolutions you made were not in line with what matters most to you?

New Year Resolutions can seem ‘empty’ and fail, often because they don’t meet what we really need.  Your failings may tap into a feeling of inadequacy or low-self esteem, and this stops you from taking the right action, because you doubt you are even that capable or really worth it.

If you sense a nagging in you to get real with your stress – as I have for myself at times, in my own personal growth, then listen in to my advice for you.  I’ve included here a simple, yet powerful exercise, to help you find some clarity to move forward into a healthier and happier new year!

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Lifeline - Anxiety Help Bournemouth

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