Anxiety Help in Bournemouth

Managing anxiety day to day can wear you out. You probably feel particularly lost and alone if you find it difficult to talk about what triggers your feelings of anxiety, or if you’re unclear what lies beneath this very real and debilitating issue.

While no one person’s experience of anxiety is the same as the next, you can find out more about anxiety here. One of the most difficult things about dealing with anxiety is knowing where to turn for help – but, fortunately, for women in the Bournemouth area, there is professional help available to address the issues and alleviate the symptoms.


Anxiety help, Bournemouth

Anxiety Help – Lisa Skeffington

Anxiety help in Bournemouth is available from the well-respected practitioner and author Lisa Skeffington, who combines extensive qualifications with intuitive professionalism and a warm, empathetic approach.

With her impressive credentials – qualifications as a Consultant Psychotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist – Lisa is fully aware that the best help for anxiety problems can sometimes come from life experience. She applies her wealth of knowledge and understanding to providing individual stress and anxiety services in Bournemouth and beyond.



What sort of anxiety issues can be addressed?

Find more details of the type of consultation sessions Lisa offers to women in the Bournemouth area here

You can’t treat the symptoms of emotional distress without first understanding what has triggered them. It means carefully and sympathetically exploring what aspects of your life need to change to help you to become less anxious or stressed.

For some women who find themselves in need of help with anxiety in the Bournemouth area, the root cause is a major trauma or illness which upset their equilibrium long term. For others, the trigger could be a divorce, separation or bereavement – life changing events that have left them feeling adrift and deeply concerned about what the future holds.

In some cases, past abuse, neglect or childhood fears can trigger anxiety issues in women who live in Bournemouth.

The furious pace of modern living means that Lisa increasingly receives requests for help with anxiety problems in the Bournemouth area from women feeling under tremendous pressure to juggle priorities. Jobs, parenthood, relationships and commitments or obligations can create a build-up of feelings of anxiety.


How the help for anxiety in Bournemouth is provided

As the focus is on individual help and support, Lisa will invest time in getting to know you personally and finding lasting solutions. This is not merely an ‘off the shelf’ average counselling service; Lisa is an Anxiety Consultant who can create a programme to address your own individual needs and challenges.

This tangible programme of help will include milestones and measures to show the progress of your journey back to full mental health.

As women seeking anxiety help in Bournemouth and the surrounding area all have different personalities, lifestyles, needs and expectations, each programme of support will be very much your own.

It may include, for example, hypnosis for relaxation, Advanced Hypnotherapy using Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Hypno-Healing. It can also include things you can do in your own time to help address the issues. You can find valuable self-help tools listed here.

At the core of Lisa’s support will be responsive and empathetic counselling, dynamic therapies and coaching, to help you handle the everyday situations and challenges that arise during your journey to recovery.

Don’t let anxiety and stress detract from your daily life any longer. If you need help with anxiety in Bournemouth and the surrounding area, contact Lisa today to set up an initial consultation.


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