For My Clients ONLY: 

An Exclusive Offer of my Intimate and Ongoing Support


“To Offer You a Unique Opportunity to Strengthen Your Confidence and Wellbeing, 

and Feel ‘At Home’ Within a Safe Community of Likeminded Busy Women.”

(…without those privacy worries on social media)


Here’s What I Have For You

My intention is to provide a safe community for you to continue to comfortably grow with me – to smash any anxiety bumps which might creep up in the inevitable ups and downs of your journey through this often challenging life, especially as we attempt to recover from these crazy Covid times!  

I’ve thought long and hard in how best to do this. I’m reaching out to offer you my intimate guidance and support to help you to rise above it all, as you continue to find your way to truly shine in your life, feeling confident, worthy and free.

As a loyal Client either past or recent, you have placed your trust in me.  This year I’m celebrating my 25th year so to say “Thank You” I’m offering you priority access to this genuine opportunity of extra support at a preferential rate and with no ‘tie-in’ obligations…


You are welcome to join my Community as a Private Member

(with exclusive preferential membership for client members I trust you’ll find irresistible!)  

I want you to feel right back at home with me. 

My heartfelt wish is for Rise and Shine to become a happy place for you, in which you may continue to grow


  a place free from judgement, where you will feel accepted…

  a place where you can relax with solid and consistent worry/life advice…

  a heart-home where you’ll feel comfortable to deepen self-awareness…

  and continue to grow self-confidence…

  within a beautiful, safe and supportive community of likeminded women.


It’s My Pleasure To Support You…

You know me….

As an experienced Consultant Psychotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist, Personal Success Coach, Mentor, and Author, I am now based at the beach in Dorset, UK.  These days I work internationally online with unique and bespoke individual mentoring, and group programmes globally, and workshops. I am currently writing my next book and working on my vision to provide coastal retreats for you.

This year I am celebrating 25 years’ experience in helping women like you who struggle to cope with anxiety, overwhelm, and poor self image, to find their confidence and power through self-love, so that they can feel more relaxed, happy, and secure within themselves. 

I am as committed as ever to supporting women just like you to find their way to cope better with life’s challenges, and heal those emotional wounds so that you may thrive in your life alongside me.


Over the years so many of my clients – You perhaps?  …Have gotten very used to a certain phrase as they have worked to overcome their emotional wounding, over thinking and self-doubt, “I really need some ‘Lisa-Love’ today!” they say.

Is it way beyond time, I shared some ‘Lisa-Love’ again with you too?


My intention is for you to deepen your understanding of your mind-body connection, along with advice to improve your wellness, and your creativity and even your personal and spiritual growth.

This means you’ll get rounded support and inspiration to strengthen balance and calm in all areas of your life, specifically:


Intimate Relationships & Friendships

Family Relations

Where You Live – Home/Community


Beauty & Wellness

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Fun and Recreation

Rise and Shine truly is an intimate Private Members Club… 

It gets you ‘the on-going hands-on help’ when you need it, to clear any bubbling anxiety or stress as it happens, and boost your self-esteem and confidence…in an intimate and confidential way (without the fear of personal exposure on social media) – and what’s more, there are simple ways for you to get specific and personal advice that is relevant to you.


Here’s How it Works…



Providing:  An Opportunity for Everyone to Feel Supported


* Coffee Lounge posts for information and inspiration to watch, listen to or read

* Opportunity for member interaction and mutual support within a confidential Community in a safe virtual coffee lounge hosted on my private member platform (off social media) 

* Opportunity to email me monthly for advice with a specific challenge or dilemma, to my Lisa-Love Agony Mailbox with thoughts and suggestions posted in the Coffee Lounge to help you anonymously 


Founder Member Offer JUST £47 per month + VAT

(standard rate £75 + VAT)


And Exclusively by Invitation for Selected Past Clients, right now you get Preferential Access to:


LEVEL TWO – COME CLOSER with my ‘LIFELINE’ (only 20 ladies)

Providing: An Opportunity to Join an Inner Circle of Intimate Support

A Suite of Continued Help and Support – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis


* All benefits of Level One with a safe Virtual Coffee Lounge off social media, with posts for inspiration and information to watch, listen to and read

* Opportunity for member interaction and mutual support within a confidential Community in a safe virtual coffee lounge hosted on my private member platform (off social media) 

* Opportunity to drop me a line monthly into my Lisa-Love Agony Mailbox.  Email a personal and intimate question or dilemma of up to around 500 words, and receive my personalised and private advice by email direct to your inbox.. 

* Live Monthly Inner Circle Meetings over Zoom – up to 2hrs. An opportunity for direct engagement with me within an intimate group, to get my direct advice and support and receive the benefit of intimate peer support and experience.  In this ‘Ask Me Anything’ session you’ll get your questions answered.



Founder Member Offer JUST £125 per month + VAT

(standard rate £175 + VAT)


And if You Want My Fullest Support within the Club, right now you get Priority Access to: 


LEVEL THREE – TAKE MY HAND *** Premium ***

Providing: An Opportunity to Privately Check-in with Me


* Access to the safe Virtual Coffee Lounge

* Opportunity for member interaction and mutual support within a confidential Community in a safe virtual coffee lounge hosted on my private member platform (off social media) 

* Opportunity for a regular monthly mentoring session (up to an hour and a half) on an individual 121 basis with me to ‘top-you-up’ and maintain your on-going emotional health


Founder Member Offer JUST £245 per month + VAT

(standard rate £275 +VAT)


*All three levels provide Optional Access to a Quarterly 3hr Dynamic Online Workshop at a preferential rate of 

ONLY £95pp + VAT

(Instead of £175pp + VAT)

My aim is for these workshops to develop into in-person and intimate Coastal Retreats in the future (taking shape right now!)


Rise and Shine Membership is exclusive, and membership is limited because I want to ensure you get my personal attention.

Level One membership is open to only 100 ladies per month,

and Level Two is on an even more intimate basis to only 20 ladies per month

and Level Three in the most intimate way is open to only 10 ladies per month.


I want to reassure you that this is a flexible month to month membership, so you’re not locked into an annual contract.    

(Over the past 25 years I have supported literally thousands of lovely ladies – (and some men too of course), and this Private Members Club runs alongside my weekly mentoring for my private clients and worldwide group programmes, so I hope you understand how this limited offer has, in fairness, to be strictly on a first-come first-served basis.)


…I’m Delighted to Welcome You ‘Under My Wing’ and into My Exclusive Private Members Club.

You’ll get my unwavering and on-going support and encouragement as you deepen your self worth; learning to trust yourself more and more as you steer your way through the inevitable challenges that rise up in this crazy journey we call LIFE. 

I’ve Always Got You…

And together, we’ll boost your confidence and wellbeing so that you can really embrace life from here on, and move forward beyond these crazy times of late, and feel good!

I’m so excited to support you further.

Your Next Step…

Click to leave your best contact details and a member of my team will be in touch with my diary to arrange a time for a call with me. I’ll personally get you signed up and welcome you onboard.



To reassure you again – there’s no ‘tie-in’ and you can cancel at any time.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with you!

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You’re safe with me. Your privacy is respected. View my Privacy Policy

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