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Unique Therapy and Mentoring to Escape Anxiety, Self-Doubt, and Over Thinking to Feel Confident, Worthy and Free.


A client commented recently…

“I came to you whilst working through some aftershocks of my divorce and ending a re-bounding relationship.  It was possibly one of the best investments of my life.  With your help, I was able to make sense of my ‘demons’ and fears, create a positive outlook and heal hurt and anger.  A few months later I met the love of my life.  We are married now and life is good”        

Roberta, 50 

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Helping You Find Your Power… without medication or years of talking therapy

– even if you’ve tried therapy before and failed.

For professional women who want to break free from childhood trauma and find their self-confidence with self-love, so that they can feel more relaxed, happy and secure.

Click here to watch my (free) masterclass presentation and discover for yourself the simple 5 Step Strategy smart women are taking to overcome anxiety, self-doubt and overthinking to become a woman so free within herself that she thrives in her life without excuse or apology.

If anxiety has you swept out to sea and it feels like you are being dragged down by past undercurrents and struggling to cope today as a result, and you are tired of superficial self-help and dabbling in therapies that don’t deliver fully nor serve you enough… You have found your way to the right place with me here.

In my unique Private 121 Mentoring, PsychoDynamic Executive Coaching and in both my UK and Worldwide Group Membership Programmes, I take you under my wing with an offer of my full support, expertise and nurturing. I am here for you, throwing you a safety line to meet your most challenging and complex needs and to help you to find your way quickly back to shore.

My clients are able to feel like ‘enough’ within themselves, and grow past destructive habits of self-loathing, self-doubt and constant overthinking; to become women worthy of respect and confidence. They sleep well at night, feeling a deep peace inside. This is what my clients are achieving consistently, and it is easier and quicker than they had ever imagined possible.

Typically, the women I support are successful professionally, and committed to getting the right help – and ready to take action, with no excuses. They are flexible and open-minded and willing to connect and communicate fully.

They fully appreciate the value of investing properly in themselves (and are able to afford to do so) in order to secure world-class therapy and mentoring support.

If you’re ready for help NOW, register for my (free) masterclass to find out more about who I work with and how I can help you. Then let’s arrange a time to talk things through.  If you think we may be a good fit to work together, click the button to access my digital calendar and apply for a (free) call at a time that works for you.

If you’re eager to get on with booking a call with me today, you can contact me by clicking the button right here.


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Lisa Skeffington Help for Anxiety

Lisa Skeffington

Anxiety Help is available for the anxious young adults in your life, plus bespoke family mentoring with my ‘Havoc to Harmony’ Family Support Programmes.  You can find out more about my published books and my course for students, and family support programmes at