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Bespoke Therapy and Mentoring Help with Anxiety and Emotional Stress

If you are struggling with feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. Once you discover my proven therapies and mentoring strategies, you will quickly learn how to find your power, and take control and squash anxiety, so that you begin to create a life that works for you and find your way to feeling more relaxed, happy, free and secure within yourself.

I’d be delighted to offer you a Complimentary 45 MINUTE Breakthrough Call with me by phone or Zoom.

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A client commented recently…

“I came to you whilst working through some aftershocks of my divorce and ending a re-bounding relationship.  It was possibly one of the best investments of my life.  With your help I was able to make sense of my ‘demons’ and fears, create a positive outlook and heal hurt and anger.  A few months later I met the love of my life.  We are married now and life is good”        Roberta, 50 


Breakthrough Experiences

Do you want to feel more secure within yourself and improve the quality of your life?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, running on anxiety, and feeling powerless to create a life that works for you, I can help you to find the awareness and confidence within yourself to move your life forward in the right way for you.


Half-Day Experience

This 3-hour private mentoring experience with me will help you to create some clarity and shift perspective on a specific challenge.

An intensive half-day experience is a fantastic opportunity to get to try out working with me, and also helps you to make progress quickly so that you can begin to take control immediately. Typically a half-day experience is perfect to master the art of relaxation and mindfulness, to get a confidence boost for an upcoming event, improve your sleep, to set yourself compelling yet achievable goals, or learn how to assert yourself in the best way. Our time for you is totally bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, whatever they may be.

You will…

  • Learn how to ‘quieten’ the nagging voice of anxiety and move beyond it to a calmer place inside
  • Lift the ‘fog’ in your thinking and reduce overwhelm
  • Begin to understand the role that anxiety plays in your life
  • Discover how to get a vital shift in perspective, so that you feel more positive and empowered to improve the quality of your life.

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Full-Day Experience

In this 6-hour private mentoring experience, we’ll go deeper to help you to break free from the anxiety that has you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and powerless in your life.

A full-day experience is perfect to help you to overcome fears and phobias, to understand and improve your relationship difficulties, or to delve more deeply into any particular challenge you may be struggling with just now, so that you can move forward quickly.

My aim is to…

  • move you nearer towards achieving a specific goal in managing or overcoming a particular personal challenge.
  • build a firm foundation to create clarity, shift perspective and
  • determine a realistic plan of action in your journey to find your power and break free.

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Lifeline Signature Program (90 Days)

Helping You Find Your Power In Life Crisis…

If anxiety has you swept out to sea and it feels like you are being dragged down by the undercurrent of difficult times, and you are feeling troubled by present circumstances or by past happenings that still haunt you, and if it feels like no-one is really there to help you through it all…Let me reassure now that you are no longer alone. You have found your way to me here.

In this Signature Programme, I will take you under my wing with an offer of my full support, expertise and nurturing. I am here for you, throwing you a safety line and ready to help you to find your way back to shore.

Lifeline is also available as a 6 Month Platinum Programme with my absolute maximum support to you, to meet your most challenging and complex needs.

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Lifeline Monthly Mentoring Anxiety Help Bournemouth

By Invitation For Heart-Centred Living

Please contact me for details.

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