Mentoring Support for Couples

Psycho-Dynamic Mentoring to Heal Your Relationship


Find the space and professional support you need to successfully heal and strengthen your struggling relationship dynamic – without wasting time!

You’ll get my professional and experienced support to help you to:

  •    Each get yourself heard and your needs understood as you learn to communicate more clearly and effectively
  •     Re-ignite the spark between you and re-kindle the love, compassion and appreciation that was once so strong
  •    Get really clear on a progressive path forward with shared responsibilities and key action steps to sustain and build on your progress


Even if you are on the verge of divorce…
Even if there’s been infidelity…

Even if you fear you’ve drifted too far apart
Even if you’re fighting all the time

and it feels like there’s little hope left

With a conversational approach that includes evidence based Cognitive Behavioural strategies, your couples virtual workshop or in-person therapy retreat helps you both to re-set and reconnect by changing the way you interact and behave together.

Please read on to learn more about your options of either Virtual Support or Coastal Retreats.  If you’d like a call to discuss your requirements and my availability, you’ll find access to my digital calendar by clicking the button below.

Alternatively, you can drop me a line at


Virtual Workshops and In-Person Coastal Retreats

For when you want to get things sorted quickly and efficiently…

When your relationship is trouble, you want and need help to take action NOW – rather than a ‘long and drawn-out’ process, week in – week out.  A virtual workshop or in-person coastal retreat provides condensed talking therapy sessions spread over two days either weekday or weekend.  In the two days, you’ll get a good amount of help and support to become equipped with the right tools and skills to improve your relationship.  (The same results in conventional couples counselling can take up to 3-4 months.)

You’ll quickly start the conversations you need to have to address the key challenges in a way that feels encouraging and positive for each of you.

You’ll get to grips with ways of communicating that you can put into practice right away.


A focused virtual workshop or a therapy retreat away could be the perfect solution for you if…

  •      your work, or other commitments mean it’s difficult to attend traditional weekly sessions.
  •      or if you’d prefer to heal and deepen your connection away from all those homebound demands of family, work pressures and other commitments.

Depending on your situation, you may be offered an option for follow up support online to help you to further re-build and improve your relationship.


Coastal Retreat Option

This invaluable time away together in beautiful and romantic surroundings along the Dorset coast allows you both to step out of your day-to-day routines and focus together on building a healthier connection.



For when it all feels too much to bear.

Maintaining a long term committed and healthy relationship isn’t easy for anyone. 

How you develop self-awareness, address conflict, manage communication and maintain intimacy can make or ultimately break your relationship.

Work and family demands on your attention can cause couples to drift without realising, sometimes right to brink when it’s nearly too late.  You may be stuck in destructive behaviour patterns that you feel powerless to change. Communication may have become strained and misunderstandings feel all too common.

Please keep faith.

It’s not too late – you’ll get the right information, understanding and skills to support you to grow together beyond your relationship wounds and mend the cracks, in time. 

When communication breaks down, it is usual to struggle to articulate what it important to you both individually and as a couple. 

Where there has been behavioural betrayal or infidelity, this precious time away together on a Coastal Retreat allows you the space to begin to deal with the emotional fallout; to find forgiveness and understanding. A Virtual Workshop allows you options to communicate at first from different spaces, and to come together as you heal and grow understanding through managed communication.

With the right guidance, in a way that is neutral and focused on what’s best for each individual, and with honest and open conversation, you’ll learn to really listen and actually hear what the other person is saying. As you begin to grasp the true reasons for the relationship breakdown, you can take steps to improve communication and respect, and re-build trust.

It is entirely possible you’ll begin a new chapter in your lives together with empathy, compassion, and you’ll laugh again…

to feel a real shift in your relationship…

to make your relationship stronger and happier than it has been for years, even when there hasn’t seemed much hope for your future together.

Every relationship dynamic is unique with its own challenges, which is why your Virtual Workshop or Coastal Retreat is bespoke and tailored to your personal requirements.  Together we will identify the problems calmly and clearly and work on the key issues.  Over the few days, you’ll be able to act immediately and keep everything in focus in a way that is fair, uncritical and non-judgemental.


What to Expect

With either option…to give you an idea, your bespoke programme may include any of the following.

  •      Get yourself heard and feel understood with effective communication frames
  •      Deepen appreciation and respect between you
  •      Understand destructive behaviour patterns
  •      Manage/avoid conflict with effective communication strategies
  •      Understand how you communicate love and need love
  •      Take steps to get your personal needs met and feel more fulfilled within yourself
  •      Help each other to heal through the layers of stored emotional wounding
  •      Get clarity on what you want and need in your relationship
  •      Create steps to deepen affection and re-kindle the spark of intimacy between you
  •      Revise and re-set the boundaries within your relationship dynamic
  •      Deepen your connection going forward by learning to check in with your partner
  •      Develop together a healthy action plan that fits with your everyday life

Prior to your starting, you’ll get some individual one-on-one time with me to share your perspective on the issues you’d like dealt with. We’ll then set goals altogether for what you both want to achieve from your time either virtually or away.


An Idea on Timings

Individual 1hr session for each of you online prior to your time away together.

Your workshop or retreat runs from 1pm to 5pm on Day One and from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm on Day Two.  With an hour’s break for lunch and two short refreshment breaks.

Arrival day one by 11am.  Depart day two by 6pm.

After the workshop or retreat, there is a follow-up option of one further 1hr session individually and two 1hr sessions together.


Accommodation – Your Coastal Retreat

Together we’ll arrange your choice of select private accommodation locally.  This will give you some comfortable and private time alone together to reconnect, and perhaps for you take some reflective space alone too.

To find out more about how this exclusive and uniquely bespoke intimate therapy workshop and retreat along the beautiful rural East Dorset Coast can help you to save your marriage,

Book a call with me today and let’s have a conversation.





An extra note of advice and reassurance from me…

 With 25 years experience empowering women to feel confident, worthy and free… it is a genuine joy to help empower the wonderful man in your life too. 

If as a woman you’ve tried hard to save your relationship so far, and you’re floundering and feeling disempowered and desperate.. please know this:

Nagging, complaining, criticising doesn’t work.

I get it, I really do.

  •          You’ve tried to talk but you get interrupted,
  •         To say how you feel but you’re misunderstood,
  •         You’ve tried tactics like ultimatums or warnings, or you’ve shown you’re furious or
  •         You’ve burst into tears exasperated

– but nothing changes – and you feel anxious, and rejected and isolated, and it feels like he doesn’t care.

Chances are your man wants to heal your relationship crisis too – and he wants you to be happy, more than anything.

Talking in the wrong way causes a man (often with low self-esteem) to

  •         get defensive,
  •         perhaps aggressive,
  •         to withdraw and eventually
  •         to shut down. 


Your heartfelt and well-intended attempts to heal your relationship and get closer to your man backfire because he feels got at, nagged, and criticised. 

It’s likely he feels responsible for ‘failing you’ and he feels ashamed.  These feelings of inadequacy are an affront to his masculinity.  He perhaps begins to question

 ‘if he’ll ever get it right…

if he’ll ever be enough for you.’

He may feel hurt and offended, perhaps even insulted. He may project his feelings of inadequacy onto you and blame you for the mess you find yourselves in.


A vicious cycle begins. 

He distances himself causing you even more pain and desperation… You just want him him to hold you and see you and reassure you that he loves you, still.

You try harder…and he feels even more nagged and criticised.  You may feel unjustly blamed and at the same time powerless to make things better.


Please STOP. 

You can take steps NOW to break this destructive behaviour loop. 


With the right support and guidance, you can learn to communicate with your man so that he feels motivated to please you, instead of withdrawing through shame and self-doubt.

Relationship problems are normal. It certainly doesn’t mean it’s the end, or that you can’t stay in love.  You may feel daunted, and alone and that no-one gets what you’re going through.

Truth is… that all this seemingly destructive behaviour and defensive attitude is an opportunity to create real closeness. 

Whatever your relationship circumstances, it is entirely possible to take action

to make an ordinary relationship extraordinary.  You just need to know how, with the right help.


A headmaster once said to me when I was a teenager (and I’ve never forgotten it!) –

“The secret to a happy life isn’t the absence of challenges, it’s knowing how best to manage and live with our challenges.”


A successful and happy relationship is the same – it’s never plain sailing, but it’s staying connected enough to make any problem manageable.  Adversity and struggle can bring you closer, instead of driving you apart. In this way, you’ll learn to always be there for each other… to be on the same team… always to have each other’s back.

You can learn the skills to understand what motivates and inspires both you and your man to feel devoted and each feel loved.

You can keep your relationship fun-loving and connected in a way that feels natural and effortless for you both

You can learn how to be more present with each other and communicate more smoothly so that nagging, criticising or complaining feel unnecessary.


Please know also there are many steps you can take initially by yourself to improve your relationship crisis, even if your partner is not on board with idea of getting help right now.

If you’d like to arrange an initial conversation, click through here to my calendar or drop me an email and I will get back to you personally.

I’m waiting for your call.

Speak soon!