Mind Power Reduces Asthma Drug Dependency

The treatment of Asthma in the UK is reported to cost the NHS £1.8bn*  and an alarming 1.1m* children in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma

People are becoming dependent on daily medication when for many, there are complementary means to manage mild to moderate asthma symptoms which may significantly reduce dependency on inhalers and here’s why….

Children and adults can learn how to create for themselves key mind-focusing visualisation techniques combined with breath work to strengthen and harness a mind-body connection.   This mind-body connection allows you to use your thought and your imagination to create pictures in your mind which actually influences your body’s functioning.  It sounds too good to be true, for many who are single minded in their thinking that ‘the body is a robot’, but I know first-hand that it works.

Let me explain… Our son was born with a number of allergies which he seems to have largely outgrown now at nearly 11 years old.  He was admitted to hospital as a toddler with severe asthma symptoms yet since then, as he has matured, he has only been admitted once in the last 7-8 years due to a virus.

As a personal development and wellness consultant, my approach  draws on a number of psychological therapies including advanced hypnotherapy and hypno-healing.  As our son grew, from the age of 4, I was increasingly able to teach him to ‘play’ with his mind and body in order to help himself ease his symptoms.  He went from needing maximum doses of both steroid and ventolin inhalers to an infrequent low dosage.   He would come to us in bed in the morning, wheezing and needing his inhaler yet he would first climb between us and I would guide him to focus his mind to ‘play’.   Consistently within 5-10 minutes our son was breathing freely and easily and running off to play.  His need for ventolin reduced dramatically.

Our son is a typical 10 year old fit and healthy with a love for football, requiring now only occasional use of an inhaler and remarkably low use of steroid.

Getting skilled at managing asthma symptoms for yourself can stop an imminent attack in its tracks and may avoid hospitalisation if you are caught without an inhaler…

Just two weeks ago, my findings here were once again proven as my son suddenly and unexpectedly started to wheeze playing football one morning at the beach.  It seemed that the cold air simply took his breath away.  Unusually, we were out without his precautionary inhaler.  I sat with him on a bench and began to work to encourage his body to open the airway guiding him through a simply detailed process he imagined for himself many years ago.     As his body began to respond to the images and suggestions he was making for himself, his breathing began to ease and we drove home.  Some might question if we should have driven to hospital but he was improving and I stood by what I believe is true, so we drove the half hour home using the mind focusing and breathing techniques on the way.  Before we were home, his breathing seemed to have returned fully to normal and the ‘crackle’ was completely gone.  His recovery was evidenced by his reading which showed 230 – the earlier ‘crackle’ always means his reading is below 150.  He did not need any ventolin as his airway at 230 was fully open.  He took one puff of steroid and after a short time we returned to the beach to continue his interrupted game of football.  He has not required any inhalers since that day three weeks ago – evidence that he certainly does not require medicating daily…

Let me be clear here – Of course I am not advocating that parents just take their children off inhalers – that would be radical and risky to say the least!  What I am saying though is that in a controlled way, it is certainly possible to gradually reduce the use of inhalers in cases of mild to moderate asthma symptoms, as children and indeed adults become more proficient and confident to master their respiratory functioning using the power of their mind to enhance a mind-body connection.

As you use your mind to stimulate a mind-body connection, you will see for yourself how the body is coping better – how you feel less anxious; how the airway opens;  you simply won’t feel the need to reach for your inhaler as much.  Asthma symptoms subtly ease as the body finds its way back towards a more balanced way of functioning.

Whilst there may be little research to support my claims here given that new innovations do require controlled trials, I stand by my claims because my personal experience with my son (and professional findings as a qualified and experienced therapist using these techniques effectively with some adults) show consistency in progress made.

To add further weight to my thoughts here…It has been reported by the press today that an NHS watchdog warns that ‘More than a million UK adults may be wrongly diagnosed as asthmatic and be receiving unnecessary medication as a result.  Read more athttp://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/health-30997397

If you or someone you know is struggling to manage symptoms of asthma and you are interested to discover how to possibly reduce your dependency on inhalers, I’d love to help you.

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* www.allergykids.co.uk

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