How Music Helps You To Feel Safe In A Frightening World of Anxiety

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

Music can really speak to us, don’t you think?  It can capture just how we feel about something when words fail us.  Sometimes songs take us by surprise and can make us emotional,  at times you might feel really sad and at other times so happy, that you just want to dance and sing along.   A certain song can take you right back into a certain time, into a certain experience and into a certain feeling.   It can feel as if you are re-living that moment all over again.  Music REALLY IS that powerful.  Music , for so many of us who are ‘tuned in,’ serves as an anchor in our daily living.

What to do if Anxiety has a grip just now…

If you are feeling anxious or depressed just now, it can feel comfortable to listen to sad songs because it mirrors how you might be feeling and you don’t feel so alone.  It does make you feel more sad though – what you focus on grows, after all.  So instead, choose to find some uplifting music and flood your senses to help lift your energy and calm your nerves in a better way for you.

There’s a certain song that I heard when exercising a while ago, whilst participating in a body balance class at my local leisure club.   I hadn’t heard it before at that time and as I was fully ‘in the zone,’ away from any outside chatter, I absorbed the words of this song so deeply and of course, added my own references and interpretation – as we all do, when we notice what we hear in a song.

It’s a song about how a mother wants her child to know they are safe.    As parents we want to protect our children from any badness in the world, don’t we?   To keep them out of danger and instinctively to shield them from any fear or doubt.  We want them to grow confidently and feel self-assured, so that they can cope with any challenge life presents along their way.

Helping your children to feel safe…

You want your growing children to know that they don’t need to feel afraid or anxious, because no matter what life throws at them, you’ll be there to keep your little one safe.     When your child feels safe and loved unconditionally ‘for who they are and NOT what they do,’ they grow to believe in themselves as people and benefit from high self-esteem.  They grow to believe in their ability to succeed in life.

Speaking for myself and for many parents I know,  it is a challenge when our grown up children, who we once were able to keep close and safe, decide to fly the nest, move away and spread their wings in an adventure unfolding daily for them.  Selfishly, it can be heart wrenching to let them go, but let them go, we must!  Only in this way can they totally test themselves and claim their full identity in being separate from us, and the umbilical cord upon which they once depended so vitally.   As parents we must trust that we have done enough to equip them with the knowledge and self-assurance that they are strong and confident  enough now to trust themselves to stay safe, as they continue growing mentally and emotionally, albeit no longer physically.

For the child you once were…

This song speaks to me for my children, but also for the little girl who I once was.  This little girl still lives within me, as does your little girl within you.  I wonder if you ever take a moment to reassure her that she’s safe with you?   My clients certainly learn to do this whilst working with me.  It’s a sure fire way to find your courage and your power in your adult life.   I bet you give endlessly to your children – I do too.  It’s so important to remember to give back to you.   Chances are, you have one more child than perhaps you realize, metaphorically tugging at your skirt with questions, with tears, with endless insecurities and demands?

I hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to listen to this song.  Listen first for your children not with your ears, but with your heart.  Let your heart overflow with gratitude for their blessing in your life.  Then, I hope you will listen again – this next time, for yourself and for the inner child who lives within you.  Let yourself ‘hold her’ and feel yourself held.   Only you know what this little girl trapped within time really needed to hear back then, but possibly didn’t hear.   What does she need to hear from you today, I wonder?  Listen with your heart to this beautiful song and tune in to your little girl within.   If you need emotional support in any way, just get in touch.  I’m here.

No video from me today – these music videos say it all…

Enjoy.  I hope it helps you.

With love and light x


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