The No.1 Secret To Overcoming Anxiety – Audio Series


There’s a New Woman in the World Today and it’s YOU!

This woman feels happy and confident in herself socially, professionally, and intimately.  She enjoys being herself and she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants because she is empowered in her life… but right now, you’re probably feeling stuck and overwhelmed.  You might be feeling isolated in your frustration because despite trying to move your life forward, there just hasn’t seemed to be a way.

It might be that you’re tired of struggling with constantly feeling anxious in your life and frustrated that it is just too darned difficult to shake off?  Maybe no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get a handle on why this is… you may feel at times that you are simply losing control.

If this is you, you’ll know that I’m talking to you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and worried in your day to day activities, and this is negatively affecting all aspects of your life, including perhaps your relationships and your health, I want you to know that you CAN take a step towards the REAL YOU today, here with me.  I’m Lisa and I’d like to offer you my new three part audio course, in which I share with you to a vital, yet little known secret.

You will discover how you can begin to find your power to live a life you always intended to live, to feel how you always wanted to feel.  Learning to empower yourself, means that you’ll learn to feel free within yourself, so that you can relax more and improve the quality of your life.

In this truly life changing short audio course, you will discover a simple nugget of wisdom that can bring an astounding shift for you!  Through many years of experience as an Anxiety Expert, I believe this nugget is the fundamental reason for so many people feeling anxious in their life.  I have observed that virtually everyone who experiences on-going anxiety, has the same habit in their thinking, without even being aware of it and without realising the huge negative effect it has on their psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing.


How will this simple course help you?

This three-part audio series will talk you through how you can take real pragmatic steps to make a vital shift in your thinking, in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

Once you realise what you are doing that is keeping anxiety alive, you will easily be able to take action and help yourself to overcome anxiety and improve the quality of your life.

…You simply need to know this!


As you take this vital leap in breaking free from anxiety for good, this course will help you to:

  • Create a new shift in your habitual thinking within 21 days
  • Feel more relaxed, happy, free and secure within yourself
  • Take control and start to squash anxiety instantly
  • Generally improve your overall health and wellbeing as you strengthen your immune system, relax physically and sleep better.
  • Feel more empowered within yourself
  • Be less tense and tetchy and more fun to be around


anxiety help bournemouth


What’s included in this course?

  • Three audio recordings sent by email over three weeks to support you in transforming your thinking gradually and steadily.
  • One vital life-changing nugget of wisdom and five pragmatic and empowering steps to support you in integrating this wisdom into your life.
  • Three real-life lessons of women who have applied the principles and the specific evidence of how this nugget of wisdom made ground-breaking improvements in their lives.
  • Eight-page workbook with transformational exercises to help you to action five key empowering steps to create a shift in your mindset.
  • Twenty-seven page written guide to accompany the audio recordings


Real-Life Lessons Included In The Training

Words of Success…


“I feel more secure with who I am and more accepting of myself” – Amanda


“Things now have greatly improved. The depression has lifted and I feel a whole lot more capable and happier on a day-to-day basis. I’m out of a negative place physically and mentally. I’ve been able to do more things and have more fun. I’m more social, more active and better able to take responsibility for myself.” – Eva


“You’ve made me realise that life is much better lived with confidence, and have helped me to achieve goals I couldn’t imagine reaching a few months ago.” – Heidi


If you’re done with feeling anxious and not good enough in your life and you want to feel better about yourself and within yourself, and start to create a life that works for you…


Are you open to giving it a try?

Numerous others have gotten the benefit of this wisdom by consulting with me. I really want that for you too, which is why I’ve created this short course to make this priceless nugget of wisdom available to you online too!

So help yourself in the best way now and join the many, many other people who, with me over my twenty five years in practice, have learned to improve the quality of their lives and break free from anxiety. These people are now enjoying their lives feeling more relaxed, more happy, more free and more secure within themselves.

Anxiety Help Bournemouth

If you’re ready to break free, I urge you to take this first step with me here now.

You simply pay securely online and the first part of this audio series will arrive in your inbox today!

Click the link below to get the help you need and I’ll talk to you on the other side


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The No.1 Secret To Overcoming Anxiety – Audio Series

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“Change this one simple thing and you’ll be on your way to breaking free from anxiety for good!”  

(It’s so simple yet effective, you’ll kick yourself when you realize this…)


About Lisa Skeffington

Anxiety Help Bournemouth

Lisa draws on her own personal struggles with anxiety over many years, and how she finally found the key strategies to help herself to break free.  Since that time twenty years ago, it has become her life’s purpose to help others find the resources and the power within themselves, so that women just like YOU can create a life that works for them too.  Lisa is an expert in her field and has a thriving and long-established private consultancy practice face2face in Hampshire, UK.  She also provides help and support internationally and nationally online.

As an experienced and fully accredited Consultant Psychotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist, she has helped thousands of people like you to feel better about themselves for over fifteen years now.

She is fully recognized by respected professional associations including The National Council of Psychotherapists, The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The quality mark of the CNHC is recognized as the hallmark of quality for the sector. The General Medical Council (GMC) agreed in 2015 to issue guidelines to GPs to refer their patients only to CNHC registered therapists so that GPs may feel reassured to recommend privately funded consultants of the highest standard.

As an Anxiety Expert, Lisa specializes in all kinds of physical and psychological anxiety symptoms and has developed a unique blend of therapies and mentoring methods to help you personally to break free in the most efficient and effective way.  Lisa has developed her own unique style of working therapeutically, using an uncommon combination of mind tools and strategies to help you to unravel your thoughts, strengthen your resolve and find your way through to success. It is her unique way of working that delivers success time after time.


Free Gifts

To help you further when you sign up for this course, you will also get an immediate opportunity to take a break from the stresses and anxiety you may be experiencing with instant access to Lisa’s ‘Beach Talking’ de-stress audio download – a visualization along the seashore.

You’ll also get her Lifeline publication online, for a monthly line you can depend on, sharing empowering tips to help you to take control, feel better and feel good! Plus, you’ll receive preferential offers on other courses and services, to help you further develop your power as you continue to move your life forward.


Anxiety Help Bournemouth

So, if you’re done with feeling anxious and not good enough in YOUR life and you want to feel better about yourself and within yourself,

You might like to give it a try.



The No.1 Secret To Overcoming Anxiety – Audio Series

Only £197.00

“Change this one simple thing and you’ll be on your way to breaking free from anxiety for good!”  

(It’s so simple yet effective, you’ll kick yourself when you realize this…)


Disclaimer  Actual results may vary depending on client input and intelligence. Lisa Skeffington does not provide medical advice. Symptoms of anxiety and depression may mask underlying conditions. It is therefore important that you consult with your GP in the first instance, and that you do not self-diagnose. In such circumstances, the use of any psychological strategies is not intended as a replacement remedy for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor. Lisa’s intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help you in your desire for personal growth and empowerment, in order to enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing.