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How To Become A Woman So Confident, Worthy and Free That She Thrives In Her Life Without Excuse Or Apology.

If you are a professional woman feeling anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated, living with insecurity and low self-confidence, and you have experienced childhood emotional trauma, abuse, neglect or overburden in some way, and you often have difficulties now with adult relationships, you have found your way to the right place here with me.

Perhaps on the surface to the outside world, you appear to have an ok life, with an ok job and a reasonably comfortable lifestyle, but secretly, you know that on some level below the surface, you are struggling to keep up the façade? If this is you, I want you to know that I get this feeling. Many years ago, I used to feel that way too.

When you don’t feel enough and it’s eating away at you, it can mean that you settle for being undervalued and mistreated, and you hold yourself back from saying how you really feel and what you want, and you end up feeling powerlessly stuck where you don’t want to be. Is this you?

It’s exhausting isn’t it, trying to steer your way through superficial self-help measures, and dabbling in therapies that don’t fully deliver nor serve you enough. With those endless days of feeling hopeless and disillusioned and struggling to cope.

No more. 

Click here to watch my (free) masterclass presentation and discover for yourself the simple 5 Step Strategy professional women are taking to overcome anxiety, self-doubt and overthinking to become a woman so free within herself that she thrives in her life without excuse or apology.

I provide a totally unique and bespoke experience of therapy and mentoring, which means I can help you to overcome all the anxieties and past traumas that have held you back until now. Together we’ll create a plan to get you thriving in your life today, instead of merely surviving.

I know first-hand how much it means to quit the exhausting habit of ‘people pleasing’ and instead become a woman worthy of respect and acceptance. I can show you how to communicate calmly and clearly in a way that avoids confrontation.

My clients grow past self-loathing, self-doubt and constant overthinking. All without having to re-live the past trauma, and the shame and guilt that has taunted them for years. I want you to know that in my professional experience, there’s a secret that makes it all go away practically overnight.

You too can learn how to trust others and to trust yourself so that you can handle any adversity life throws your way, whilst you quit the need to be so in control of everything and everyone around you.

Tell me, what would it mean for you to sleep well every night, feeling a deep peace inside.. and wake up refreshed and excited to begin a new day?

All this and more is entirely possible with the right help.

I’m Lisa Skeffington, I’m a private Consultant in Mental Health, Anxiety Expert, Mentor, and Author and I’m here to help you. I offer nurturing, dynamic and strategic help combining my first hand experiences and professional expertise over the past twenty three years. I have helped thousands of professional women like you to heal and grow beyond childhood trauma, abuse, overburden and neglect, to become a woman so confident, worthy and free within herself that she thrives in her life without excuse or apology.

I have never experienced so much generous help in a professional person as I have with you. Support like that is from the heart and makes a massive impression when you are involved in very personal stuff. The sense of freedom growing in myself is unbelievable. I feel more alive and confident. You have well and truly exceeded my expectations.”

Tamara, 50

I now feel a lot more positive and in control of my life, and more than anything, have learnt to stop blaming myself for past mistakes.”

Miranda, 43

Now, thanks to Lisa I feel able to move forward with a positive attitude and put anxiety behind me in the past.”

Mary, 67

You can read my most recent Success Stories here… and even more Success Stories during the crazy Covid lockdown period here.

‘Rise and Shine’ Private Members Club

Would it help you to join a safe and intimate community of women who want to create better lives for themselves in whatever way that might be?

If you are still stuck feeling anxious and frustrated that self-help ‘doesn’t’ help, and yet you are daunted or disillusioned with the idea of therapy…

Then finally… (Phew!) I have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Yes, really, really!

Just imagine…

If you had a unique opportunity presented to you… to join an intimate and private members club…

Imagine this is your golden opportunity to truly get you the hands-on support and advice you need to smash anxiety, take control, and feel good!

Imagine all this in an interactive and confidential way (without that nagging fear of personal exposure on social media).

Would you want to know more?

Yes, alongside my 121 and group mentoring services, right now I am launching a flexible ‘Club’ for you to get specific and personal advice.

With a Founder Member offer, some have said is just irresistible.

You get direct personal (and of course professional) advice from me and access to your interactive private virtual coffee lounge within a supportive and intimate community.

Even better

You get many Founder Member benefits you’ll love too!

As you expect this only works when there’s a tight-knit community. So, I’ve decided that it can only be open to a small number of ladies. In this way, I can make sure you get enough ‘me time’ as you need.

So, here’s the question:

Would you like to join us?

Yes, you can find out more and arrange for a personal call with me right here:

Yes Lisa, Tell Me More

I don’t believe I could’ve gained the confidence that I have achieved without the sessions.

Judy, 42 –Investment Banker

She offers forthright help with difficult problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Louise, 41 – Business Owner

Anxiety Help for Young Women

At times, young women and teenage girls may feel at odds with everyone and everything as they wrestle with seemingly endless ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’. Their own feelings at times can seem forbidden to them and this conflict leads to anxiety which may take the form of irrational phobias, stammering, panic attacks, aggression, sleepwalking, sleeping difficulties, eating disorders or even self-harm.

My book ‘@anxiety we need to break up’ is a fast track guide aimed to help anxious young women to feel more in control and empowered in their life. With no less than thirty tried and tested strategies to help grow self-esteem and self-confidence, this book holds the power to transform every anxious young woman into a happier, more self-accepting and secure young adult. Find out more about my book here.

anxiety book on a table with a cup of coffee

Find Out How I Can Help You

Join my free Masterclass presentation online and discover my 5 Step Strategy smart women are using to escape anxiety, self-doubt and over thinking to become confident, worthy and free.

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