Intimate and Exclusive Support for Busy Women to Take Control of Anxiety, Feel Better and Feel Good!


Tell me, until now…

Has it seemed an impossible task to get truly effective and invaluable help…

when there seems to be so many obstacles in your way?


I’m speaking to YOU if you feel like this….


You feel uncomfortable sharing your personal experiences on social media.

I get that you are uneasy with posting very personal stories and reaching out for help in a general anxiety support group on Facebook.  


You know that self-help ‘doesn’t!’ BUT you are daunted or disillusioned with the idea of therapy.

We all know that a general smattering of self-help in books and on social media can never have enough substance or direction to make a significant difference.  I get totally that this leaves you feeling even more inadequate and powerless. In Facebook support groups I’ve always tried to offer ‘direction’ instead of merely self-help but I know it isn’t enough and it always pulls on my heartstrings to help you in more depth. 


 I have thought long and hard about how to solve this and help you to smash anxiety in the way you need.

Rise and Shine is the solution you may have been seeking!… 



I’m bursting to share with you the exciting news of Rise and Shine Private Members’ Club.


I’d love to talk you through how I can provide the safe haven you’ve been dreaming of for you to overcome your emotional wounding and lingering anxiety. With my support I will guide you to rise above it all and find your way to truly shine in your life, feeling confident, and worthy and free.


Genuinely, I am so excited to share this unique opportunity with you to get truly effective and confidential help

in an affordable way for you, so that you can feel more carefree and find the fun in your days.


So I’d like to invite you to book a call with me and let’s chat.

Together, we’ll talk through how this will significantly benefit you and improve the quality of your life…


Why Can You Trust Me?

I am an experienced Consultant Psychotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist, Personal Success Coach, Mentor, and Author. I am based in Dorset, UK and I work internationally with authentic and bespoke individual and group programmes, and workshops. My solid reputation as an Anxiety Expert is built on medical and personal recommendations. 

I specialise in all kinds of physical and psychological anxiety symptoms, and I have developed a totally unique approach, combining therapies and mentoring/coaching methods, which brings real success to my clients again and again. 

I have over 20 years experience in helping women like you who struggle to cope with anxiety, overwhelm, and poor self image, to find their confidence and power through self-love, so that they can feel more relaxed, happy, and secure within themselves. 

I battled with anxiety myself for the first thirty years of my life, as a result of childhood abuse and trauma. It has become my purpose and my passion in life, combining my first-hand experience with first class professional training, to support women just like you to find their way to heal and thrive in their life alongside me.


 If on some days…

…you’re feeling disillusioned that you’ve tried therapy or counselling before and it didn’t work – perhaps not for long enough, or indeed, if at all…And now you’re stuck perhaps feeling bewildered and misunderstood and ‘beyond help’… 


Then from my heart to yours, I want you to know I hear your frustrations and honestly, I can tell you that you’ve found your way to the right place, here with me.


Over the years my clients and I have gotten very used to a certain phrase as they overcome their emotional wounding, over thinking and self-doubt, “I really need some ‘Lisa-Love’ today!” they say. 

It’s way beyond time, I shared some ‘Lisa-Love’ with you too.




On Our Call I Will Talk You Through…


A unique and affordable opportunity for you to feel safe and held enough to begin to heal beyond struggling with your symptoms of anxiety that keep you stuck and playing small in your life,

plagued with overthinking and self-doubt and self-loathing.


 If you’re like me when I struggled with anxiety and I barely made it through the day, then I’m guessing it would mean a lot to you to find an amazingly simple and straightforward way for you to feel more calm and confident and in control within yourself every day?


A friendly chat with me will lead you to some simple and supportive and successful ways for you to get oodles of specific and very personal advice to break free from anxiety;


You’ll be so excited with what I have to share,

it will be like diving headfirst into that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

You’ll see x




If you long to understand how to get on top of your anxieties in an interactive and confidential way (without the fear of personal exposure on social media) then I will walk you through how my groundbreaking and innovative set up will be both a game-changer and a comfort for you.


I will share with you…

the best way for you to make use of inspiration to create balance and confidence and calm in all areas of your life,  so that you can live your best life with calm and confidence and certainty.. the life you deserve!


Plus, you’ll discover…

how you can best reap the benefits of connection in a way that is heartwarming and wholesome and yet hardly known. 

And all this and more is ready for YOU – just because,

you have already decided to take control and take the first easy step to make contact with me here today.


 Trust me.

When you do.. the next step… and then the next step… and then the next step after that, just gets easier and easier x




To say thank you to you for investing your time in a short conversation with me online, 

I will share with you an irresistible opportunity for you to come on board with me as a Founder Member and the many benefits and bonuses you’ll gain at this exciting launch stage.


…Are You Ready to Have a Chat With Me? 


 It’s free with no obligation

and you’ll discover how to get the support you need

 to make any changes in your life you need to see, if you want your life to be different and better in some way. 


I’ve Got It Covered Like No-one Else…


and with my help you’ll learn to take control, feel better and feel good in your life!

I’m so excited to speak with you and to get to know you, and to support you.


When you click the button, you’ll be prompted to provide your contact details as a first step. 

I will be in touch personally to talk through with you this golden opportunity, and answer any questions you might have. 




You’re safe with me. Your privacy is respected. View my Privacy Policy

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