PsychoDynamic Executive Mentoring

PsychoDynamic Executive Mentoring

Finally the solution for successful professional women who have lost their emotional balance…

Helping you to ‘find and keep’ your voice and your balance

Tell me…

Who do you take to work with you in the morning?

It’s all too easy to allow personal stresses to flow into your working week, isn’t it…  Maybe there are longstanding issues with a partner which never seem to fully get resolved or perhaps, your kids’ behaviour is difficult to manage, on top of relationship stresses with parents and relatives and friends… not forgetting disputes with your difficult neighbour or with that ‘shoddy’ tradesman.

All in all, you may often arrive at work already overloaded. Indeed, working at home through lockdown and now with the knock-on effect of revised business infrastructures for many, the boundary between home and work life is shakier than ever for both business owners, and employees alike.

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So, it’s no surprise that work demands can tip the balance, sending us spiralling into a negative stress response.   Trying to meet everyone else’s needs and keep everyone else happy is often at the expense of your own needs – at home and at work.  Self-doubt or deep-rooted frustrations can prevent you from speaking up succinctly and clearly.  You become overwhelmed, even perhaps resentful. 

How to Cope Better with Emotional Stress and Be More Effective in Your Working Day… 

Learning how to successfully manage and let go of your emotional stress means that you arrive into your working day happier and better prepared mentally. As a result, you are naturally more flexible and creative.   You free yourself from that self-deprecating spiral of negative stress that bounces perpetually between home-and-work life. 

Difficulties become opportunities, as you think and work smarter!

If you’d like to improve the quality of your working day by enhancing your wellbeing in the workplace… and learn how to adopt strategies to reduce both emotional and work-related stress, and take steps to assert yourself more confidently, I’d love to help you.

My business tends to attract successful professional women typically in a senior management role who realise the value of investing sensibly in themselves in order to finally secure the right quality help.  These smart and busy women have lost their emotional balance, and are floundering and exasperated under the facade – desperate to overcome imposter syndrome, nagging away at them that they are never enough.  They are ready to take action now.

Let’s arrange to have a conversation to talk through how best I can help you. Access to my digital calendar is here.

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PsychoDynamic Mentoring Support Programmes are avaliable online both nationally and internationally, and are fully bespoke for you as an individual, or for your team within your organisation – either individually or as a group.  Together we’ll talk through your best options.

I look forward to supporting you soon.