Relationship Anxiety – How to Save a Failing Heterosexual Relationship

If you are a strong and perhaps successful woman, you may not be aware that you are operating from strong masculine energy; you’re just getting things done, being super-organised, and making things happen in a responsible and effective way! However, your natural feminine energy may be getting eroded, juggling a little too much every day! This is dangerous for your relationship.

A man may begin to feel threatened and emasculated if a stronger woman leads intellectually and physically.

Too often in the modern business world, such confidence in a woman mistakenly comes from masculine energy within her. It makes sense I guess that it may have grown from the 80’s days of ‘power dressing with shoulder pads!’ The perception back then, which is largely out-dated today thankfully, was that the world of business was a man’s domain, and a woman needed to project masculine energy of strength and aggression to be taken seriously. Many women today believe they want power, but what they really want – is respect.

Do you agree?

This masculine energy can all too easily carry over into dating and relationships

With this unconscious imbalance, a relationship tends to flat-line and perhaps end, or some men may even cheat, or become controlling – because as a man, he needs to reclaim and affirm his masculinity for himself in an unconscious tussle for power. On the flip side, a woman may find herself leading by default because she is good at being organised and making things happen. You may have started off leading and liking it, but now it may seem frustrating, so you nag and criticise and complain. You don’t understand why you don’t feel cared for and supported, as you’d like. This distances the man further from you and de-motivates him to step up as a man and lead when you need him to the most. You may find yourselves both caught in a perpetual negative cycle that is spiralling downwards.


Like it or not this delicate balance of masculine and feminine energy is a primal instinct between men and women

The simple truth is that a lot of men feel much more comfortable and are more secure in relationships when they are able to lead from their masculine energy intellectually and physically. As women, we must educate ourselves to this idea (and remember it!) and step back into our softer feminine energy within the relationship. A relationship will thrive only when the balance is right.

Women who are successful may shy away from the idea of operating from their feminine energy because they may regard it as vulnerable and weak. Perhaps at some point in your life, you have felt overpowered by a masculine presence in some way, and you learned it wasn’t safe to live fully in your feminine energy? On the contrary, feminine energy has great power and is sexy and very attractive.

Many women long to feel nurtured by a masculine strong yet sensitive man… but this can’t fully happen until you live more in your feminine energy. A man with a strong sense of his masculinity knows how to love and respect a modern woman, instinctively taking the lead, and leading her safely back into her feminine. He isn’t threatened. You can help things along by learning to be present in your relationship and embracing your femininity.

Many of my professional clients find their relationships heal (and the wrong ones end) when they pay attention to this dynamic. If you’d like my help to re-discover your feminine power, contact me and let’s talk it through.

I hope this helps you today.


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