Coping with Separation or Divorce

Coping with Separation or Divorce

Separation and divorce can be a very difficult time for you and for your children.

Whether you’re thinking about splitting up or are currently going through a separation or divorce, managing the sad and angry feelings that accompany it can often become overwhelming.

Anger, blame, guilt, sadness, fear, and relief are just a few of the many emotions that you might experience when a relationship breaks down and coping with this roller coaster of emotions can seem impossible.

I’m Lisa, an Anxiety Consultant, and I’m here to help you.

Coping with Separation and Divorce

Emotional Support Through Separation and Divorce

For You

I know first hand that separation and divorce are painful and the split can feel totally overwhelming, regardless of whether or not it is your decision.  I can help you first to make sense of your feelings so that you may consider your options and decide if separation and/or divorce is the right path for you.

As you make your decision, I can help you to come to terms with the situation, make sense of your spiraling emotions and support you to create a positive way forward.  I will guide you to focus on your needs and to feel confident with the choices you make.  You will feel better able to communicate your needs and wishes and confidently manage the legal process so that you come to a satisfactory outcome.   With my support, you will feel more equipped to manage the stress of your divorce and find your way to feeling calmer within yourself and in control of a happier and brighter future.

I can help you to find the confidence in yourself to embrace being single again, to overcome the fear of being alone after perhaps many years in a relationship, and to start again with rebuilding a social circle, embrace dating and find a new love.

Once you understand for yourself how you want your life to be going forward, then step by step with me by your side, you will create a life that works for you on so many levels.

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For Your Children

Help your children to cope with the trauma of your relationship breakdown, so that they feel reassured and more secure.  Caught in the middle, your children possibly feel frightened and confused.  It is common for them to mistakenly blame themselves.  Having a caring professional to talk to can give them the reassurance and opportunity to offload, without the worry of burdening their parents.


Recent client comment…

“I have never experienced so much generous help in a professional person as I have with you. Support like that is from the heart and makes a massive impression when you are involved in very personal stuff. The sense of freedom growing in myself is unbelievable. I feel more alive and confident. You have well and truly exceeded my expectations.”

Tamara, 50


Are you going through a separation or divorce?

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