Pain Management for Women

Learn How To Free Yourself From Acute and Chronic Pain And Discomfort And Get On With Your Life!


Pain Management For WomenDo you feel frustrated and restricted in your life because of the pain you are experiencing in your body?

You demand so much of your body every day, don’t you?

When your body is working well for you, you take it for granted, don’t you?

We all just expect to be able to function fully, to do what we want.

Then, at times you may get injured or worse still, you develop a chronic neurological condition… and pain is suddenly there!


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Do you feel?

• Trapped by pain in your life now
• Frustrated with your body’s inability to function properly
• Frustrated that you can’t get on and do what you want
• Tense and unable to relax
• Overwhelmed and overpowered by pain

Is the pain you experience?

• Dull and constant
• Acute and stabbing
• Moving around your body
• It’s not good is it…
• But Here’s the Good News!
• You don’t have to live with this constant pain. With my unique pain management recording, you will learn ways to ease symptoms of acute and chronic pain using the power of your thoughts.


Pain Management For Women

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Do you want to learn how to

• Manage pain more effectively
• Sleep better
• Get on with your life
• Then my unique recording will show you how.

As you learn to relax, your body releases tension, soothing the nervous system and the mind. This eases sensations of pain.
Using an easy-to-follow method of mind focussing, this unique recording shows you how to shift your perceptions of pain.
The strategies used combine breath-work, guided imagery techniques with simple hypnotic suggestion.

This recording is an introduction to the idea of Anodyne Methods of Mind Focussing to help you to learn how to help yourself ease acute and chronic pain with the intention of helping you to manage pain more effectively.

The word ‘Anodyne’ means to relieve pain and soothe the mind.  And that’s what this recording is all about…

I’ll be guiding you through one simple method of anodyne awareness, of which there are many, supporting you to use your breath to help you to relax and to use your mind to create the images which serve you individually best in shifting your perspective away from pain.    I’ll be suggesting to you how you might do this and simply encouraging you to direct your thoughts and feelings in a more positive way for you, with the intention of helping you to distance yourself from the pain.

Here’s what’s on the Mp3 recording…

Track 1 – Introduction to Anodyne Methods of Mind Focussing – 11.11 mins
Track 2 – Mind Focussing Strategy with Guided Relaxation – 28.55 mins

Pain Management for Women isn’t therapy…

It’s really about bringing together your awareness and your attention in the present moment, which I guess you might call a kind of ‘mindfulness’. However you choose to frame it, it is essentially a relaxation strategy and once you’ve practiced it, you’ll be able to call on it at any time.

Following a spoken introduction, I guide you in using your breath and your thoughts to help your mind and body to begin to relax. As you learn to relax, your body releases tension. This soothes your nervous system and your mind easing sensations of pain.

As you actively engage in directing your focus, it becomes possible to shift your perception of pain.

So if you would like to

• Ease symptoms of irritating and debilitating pain
• Feel freer in yourself
• Regain a sense of control within your body
• Get back to living life

Get Your Download NOW.

Pain Management For Women

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