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Doctors’ Testimonials


“…I would recommend her without hesitation to any of my patients.”
“I have known Lisa for five years and referred patients to her over that time. I have found her to be very professional in her dealings with clients. The feedback I have received from any of my patients or peers has been entirely positive over that time and I would recommend her without hesitation to any of my patients.”Dr Andrew Dean, BSC, MBBS, MRCGP – Calcot Medical Centre.

“Over the years I have sent various patients, both adults and teenagers, to Lisa with a range of problems from anxiety to stress and obesity. Patients’ feedback is always very positive. Lisa is very professional and provides a safe environment to work on very personal issues. “Dr Nicky Turner, BSc, Bm, (Fellow)FRCGP – The Hall Practice.

“…you have helped them significantly…”
“Over the past four years, I have referred a number of my patients to you and have been greatly impressed by your professional approach, your successful management of their conditions and the sensitive care that you have provided initially and at follow-up. My patients have reported to me that you have helped them significantly and have benefitted from the referral. I shall certainly miss you and the valuable service you provide for my patients.”Dr R A Jordan, MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, Water Meadow Surgery


Client Success Stories


“There is simply no-one who compares to her.”
“I found Lisa through a friend’s chance meeting with her. I was in a very bad way. I had just been diagnosed with cancer, was suffering from IBS and anxiety attacks. I desperately needed help but hadn’t been able to find anyone with the right qualifications. I met with Lisa and from the very first session, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the right therapist. I found her to be warm, genuine, naturally intuitive, non-judgemental and easy to open to. Every session truly has been powerful, deep and healing. She helped me through the gruelling cancer treatment – I am now well. I am continuing to work with Lisa even though I live 2 hours drive away; there is simply no-one who compares to her. She has developed sessions with Skype and Facetime, which I wasn’t sure would be as good as face to face but was pleasantly surprised to find it worked just as well. Anxiety attacks have gone and I have now found a path to my own wellbeing. I have come such a long way since that first session with Lisa. I’m so grateful to her.” Imogen, 53 – Nurse

“Knowing Lisa believed in me taught me how to believe in myself.”
“I was struggling with alcohol. Drinking too much too often and at inappropriate times. I was feeling low, afraid and not feeling very good about myself at all. Lisa’s reply to my initial email enquiry was so kind and it gave me hope. I now feel in control of myself and my life and I feel a sense of peace. I feel so much healthier and am quite proud of myself. I felt I could show my soul to Lisa as I had total trust in her. Knowing Lisa believed in me taught me how to believe in myself. It’s funny how you can feel in such a dark place with no idea how to make life a happier one after trying so many times to change and constantly failing. Then one day a decision to seek professional help and here I am just 8 weeks on feeling like a huge black cloud has finally and truthfully gone.” Claire, 50 – Receptionist

“I personally think you’ve been the best therapist I’ve ever had”
“I left Uni following an emotional breakdown. I was spiralling into depression, feeling weak and helpless with high anxiety due to my troubled childhood and ongoing relationship issues. I had had therapy before but it did not help enough so initially, I was reluctant to consider help to try to experience life with a positive outlook. Your particular process of therapy showed immediate positive results. Things now have greatly improved. My depression has lifted and I feel a whole lot more capable and happier on a day to day basis. I’m out of a negative place physically and mentally. I’ve been able to do more things and have more fun. I’m more social, more active and better able to take responsibility for myself. You offer things that my previous therapists didn’t provide, like online chats and, the ability to adapt yourself to the person you’re treating. I personally think you’ve been the best therapist I’ve ever had due to your techniques and your flexibility. I would definitely recommend you. I’ve spoken of your methods and your attitude to people who are struggling, that it’s a really positive approach rather than just talking about problems and not a lot else gets done. But with you, the approach is far more positive and proactive.” Eva, 22 – Student

“There are no words to express my gratitude for your help.”
“Thank you so, so much for your care and expertise. Eva is reassured that she can contact you by Skype and messaging, and, in turn, I am reassured too. There are no words to express my gratitude for your help. When I think back to the darkest times at the end of last February, I could not have believed that Eva would have been able to make such dramatic progress in just six months.” Mum to Eva

“Most helpful was learning how to communicate in a better way to avoid an argument with anyone.”
“I was struggling to cope with constant verbal and emotional abuse from my grandson after his mother and grandfather died. I was feeling very lost and alone and not knowing how to help him or myself. I felt very comfortable with you and it was a relief to finally tell my problems to someone who really understood me. My grandson is now thinking and behaving in a much calmer way. I looked forward to the sessions and I learned to put across my feelings in a calm and clear way and after each session, I felt armed with ways to deal with things. Most helpful was learning how to communicate in a better way to avoid an argument with anyone. I thought I was a lost cause and unable to find my way back. I’ve had help not just with my grandson but with other issues too. I now feel so much better and am looking forward to the next chapter of my life. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible a few months ago. Keep doing what you’re doing Lisa, it works!” Sheila, 59 – Housewife

“I feel so much more confident and positive and able to do anything I want to do.”
“I was suffering anxiety in everyday situations, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope in general. I was comparing self to others, self-conscious and holding self back in performance. I feel so much more confident and positive and able to do anything I want to do. I’m worrying much less about what other people think of me. I’m not feeling as tense about things like giving presentations at school, asking questions, even visits to the Dr. and Dentist which means I can get on with my life in a calmer and more positive and relaxed way. The sessions have helped so much and had a massive impact on how I feel. The CDs were really helpful. In between sessions I really felt I had support for me. The relaxing hypnotic process helped me to be calmer. My parents are really pleased.” Rosie, 15 – Student

“We are very pleased with the progress Rosie has made and have certainly noticed a difference in her general demeanour. She has always worried about what other children thought of her and has commented how she feels much more confident in her lessons now. Many thanks for your help once again.” Mum to Rosie

“Yours sessions have worked wonders”
“I was struggling with a lack of confidence at work on conference calls and, a general lack of positivity. I was very resentful, bitter and sad about losing my unborn child. I am much more confident on calls at work now with minimal feelings of anxiety and am feeling more positive in general. The sessions were very helpful. I don’t believe I could have gained the confidence that has been achieved without the sessions. I first came to see you very soon after the loss of my baby and was really struggling with the reality of it all. I’d like to thank you for helping me through this extremely hard and trying time. The sessions were a great comfort and a massive help. Thank you so much. With regards to work issues, your sessions have worked wonders together with the CDs, to which I am also extremely grateful.” Judy, 42 – Investment Banker

“The sessions were very effective and you provide very focused help.”

“I came to see you on recommendation through a friend of a friend. I was not sleeping and in need of help. Things are very much better now. The sessions were very effective and you provide very focused help. You showed a very sensitive understanding of my issues and of me as a person. There are no negatives in the service you provide! I have very much valued the sessions over these past weeks and what a positive difference they have made to my general self-awareness and to understanding my own special needs for smooth running and spiritual wellbeing. So thank you again Lisa” Yvette, 71 – Illustrator

“I had been feeling really overwhelmed and anxious in my Uni studies and having difficulties in some relationships. I am doing so much better now compared to last year. I have really settled into my new course and am feeling really confident about my future at Uni. Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave to me and to my mum.” Monica, 19 – Student

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did to help.”
“Monica is like a different girl to when she first came to see you. It is so wonderful for us to have our beautifully cheerful and optimistic daughter back. She is embracing Uni life to the full and really moving on with life. I can’t thank you enough for what you did to help.” Mum to Monica

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