The Key ‘Happy’ Question You Must Answer To Beat Anxiety

When did you last question ‘What’s important to me and what matters most?’ When this question is asked at the right time in the right scenario, the answer may surprise you. These simple questions can at times create a huge shift in perspective; the answer that bubbles up from deeper consciousness is often not what you expect.


When you shine a spotlight on you and your life in the right way, in a flash you may realize that you have often lived your life not in what REALLY matters, just what you perhaps thought did!


When Anxiety Keeps You From What Really Matters…


I often find that clients are kidding themselves into believing what matters for them, when in fact it might be the exact opposite. Friends and family might comment to them, ‘Are you crazy? Why are doing this or that when you already have this under your nose?’


Do you ever hear…

‘You have so much to be grateful for, you should focus on that instead.’.   It can be interesting to uncover who is telling you this. Perhaps it is the view of other people whose opinions you value, perhaps it’s your voice reprimanding, or a voice that belongs to someone else from your past, maybe.


Whoever the voice belongs to, chances are it is keeping you away from feeling truly happy and fulfilled in your life.  Anxiety will surface sooner or later, if it hasn’t yet…


Anxiety Signals There Is Conflict… Every Time.


We all tend to gravitate subconsciously towards what we hold as a ‘true’ priority for us in our heart and soul. If that is not what your head thinks matters most, you’re heading for trouble. Your priorities and what matters most must be in alignment for you to feel happy, truly.   Anxiety is always about a conflict between the head and the heart – the ‘push me, pull me’ keeps you stuck in a place within yourself, from which you may secretly yearn to break free – whether you realize it yet, or not!


We all have ‘stuff’ to do in our lives, which we would rather not. However, my point is – if you are drawn towards spending your time in certain ways and with certain people (or not), then THAT IS WHERE you should place your ENERGY. Trust your intuition. Become still and quiet enough to listen to your Inner Knowing, from within your subconscious mind.


‘I feel so guilty…’

Women especially often get caught up in living a life other people believe they should live, only to then end up feeling flat and unhappy with their lot.   I’ve lost count of the times a client has said to me – “I know I should be happy, but I’m not. I feel so guilty and so terrible that I’m so dissatisfied. I don’t why!”


If you are seeking answers, I can help you take the right steps to understand what matters most. I can help you find the best way for you to accomplish that, in the right way and at the right time.


My heartfelt advice to you here is to get real, be brave and face the truth with the right support, in what does and doesn’t make your heart sing. We grow within ourselves over time through life experience. It may be that what mattered most to you once, is not the same as what matters most to you today.


If you’re not really happy, does it matter?

Why wait then? Give me a call or send me an email and let’s talk.


With love and light


Lisa x


Lisa Skeffington, Anxiety Expert
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