“How Stress Threatens Your Health…”

The science of Psycho-Neuro Immunology continues to prove how Stress threatens your health.  Read on to discover what you can do about it and find your way back to balance.

You and I both know that illness is not just a physical complaint and that our emotional and mental states influence our ability to fight bugs and keep well.  If your mind is experiencing Stress, your physiology may also be stressed.

There is mounting evidence which proves how emotional stress is threatening your wellbeing – and to ignore it is simply, to seriously put yourself at unnecessary risk of ill health.

I read recently in The Week magazine in its Health & Science News how poor sleepers suffer back pain.   Research carried out by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology involved 27,000 people over ten years.  The study found that people who sleep badly are up to 66% more likely to suffer back, neck and shoulder pain.   The University states that the likely cause is that poor sleep increases levels of protein in the blood which triggers inflammatory reactions in the body.   If you suffer with back pain, there is much you can do to shift your awareness from the pain and ease muscle tension using strategies for Pain Management. Read more about Pain Management here

In recent days, Science Daily® highlighted that a report published by the European Society of Cardiology.  More than 10,000 civil servants in the UK were studied over a 20 year period and their exposure to depression was measured on six occasions.  The study evidences that the symptoms of depression are strongly linked to Coronary Heart Disease.  Read more at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140203191727.htm

Science Daily® also reported in October 2013 on research conducted by the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre at University College Cork concerning how psychological factors such as anxiety and depression may be central drivers of IBS rather than inflammation originating in the gut itself.   Read more at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/10/131014093711.htm

Clearing Emotional Stress May Hold The Key To Finding Your Way Back To Balance

These are just a few examples of recent research which is indicating that it may well be time for you to Take Action! – so that you nurture your emotional wellbeing and, you strengthen your physical body and develop your resilience to the pressures of modern day living.

Is it perhaps time that you decided to move on from any emotional stress you might be carrying?  Are you perhaps beginning to tune into symptoms of physical imbalance within your own body?

There is Action you can take Today.  You can start to make positive changes in your thinking which will begin immediately to lift the weight of stress you may be experiencing and direct your body back to health and balance.  Often your body physiology is reacting to chemical responses which your mind is activating using thought and feeling.   When you generate positive supportive and nurturing thoughts, you react differently.  You feel better and your body finds it’s way more easily to balance.   When the mind is strong, the body seems to deflect illness and your immune system keeps you healthier.

Whilst you are maybe considering whether it’s the right time for you to Take Action, my advice to you is this…

“Don’t Take Action to clear those unhelpful unwanted emotions which hold you back and weigh you down unless you truly want to feel freer and happier in your life… because my last client who took this action now feels much more in control, energized and healthier and is really living life!”

When you are ready to take action to feel freer and happier and healthier in your life, let’s talk.  I’d love to help you find your way back to balance.


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