This Is Where Your Anxiety Stops!


Get Help With Anxiety Programme


“If you are struggling with feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. Once you discover my proven therapies and mentoring strategies, you will quickly learn how to find your power, and take control and squash anxiety, so that you begin to improve the quality of your life, and feel more relaxed, happy, free and secure within yourself.”
This is an invitation to step into a process of deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, your relationships and your life.

With me by your side, you will work deeply on a particular issue you wish to overcome or work on improving a certain aspect of your life, in order to get the help you need with anxiety and improve the quality of your life.


What it is…

anxiety help bournemouthThis Programme provides you with the opportunity to benefit from my ongoing support and guidance either face2face or virtually online. It is an opportunity for you to delve into and explore how you may be getting in your own way of a free and happy life.

So if you are ready to take responsibility in your life and commit to taking action to embrace a positive transformation, this six week program is perfect for you!


How will this Six Week  Get Help With Anxiety Program benefit me?


  • You will feel supported and guided to stretch yourself beyond what you are settling for in your comfort zone of safe familiarity and discontent.
  • You’ll explore and understand how your thoughts, beliefs and emotional baggage are creating anxiety in your life now.
  • You’ll quickly learn effective coping strategies to squash anxiety as you work towards freedom.
  • This is an opportunity for you to tune into the higher calling of your True Self, and blossom into the very best version of you.
  • With the right support, you’ll find your way to achievable a specific and measured outcome. With consistent guidance and focus, you will achieve much better results than you would achieve alone.
  • You’ll learn to quit worrying what people think of you and find your courage to be yourself. This means living life on your terms and following your true path.


What’s included?

4 x 90 min sessions

2 x ½ day Breakthrough Intensives

Email and text support


Plus you’ll get access to these fantastic bonuses…

  • Select your choice of Hypnosis Recording.  Choose from:
    • Take Control of Anxiety
    • Get To Sleep and Sleep Better
    • Easing IBS Symptoms
    • Mind Focussing for Pain Management
  • MP3 audio home study course – Discover the No. 1 Secret to Overcoming Anxiety


Anxiety Help – Lisa SkeffingtonWhy choose me to help you?

Anxiety sucks!  I get it.

Until twenty years ago, I struggled myself with anxiety, so I know what it feels like when life feels impossible. I totally get that nobody understands your challenges like you do, so I won’t second guess how you are feeling, or tell you how you should.  The harsh realities I’ve personally experienced right up to this point in my life, help me to ask the right questions of you at the right time, so that we get to the root of the issue quickly. Our time together focuses very much on helping you to create the positive change in your life, that I once needed to see in mine.

You can live your life true to yourself and feel happy, secure within yourself, and relaxed.  We simply begin to understand and unravel your challenges, and together we find a positive and resourceful way forward.

We work together spontaneously and creatively to help you unravel your thoughts, strengthen your resolve and find your way through to success. It is my unique empathetic, sensible and pragmatic way of working that delivers real support, and success time after time.

You CAN break free.  I did – and I can show you how I did it. If I can, then with my help, you can too.

Success Stories

“I would want anyone feeling as I did to go to Lisa and reap the benefits.  She is a warm and caring professional, whose therapy and mentoring techniques offer gentle repair and self motivation beyond anything I hoped for when I first arrived to meet her” Heather, 53


What will it mean for you to create a life that works?

A life that feels good with YOU in it.  If you are tired of feeling the way you do and you’ve had enough of struggling alone, haven’t you wasted enough precious days and nights worrying needlessly.  Perhaps you got help before – that didn’t?! Many clients struggled to get the right help before finding their way to me.   You’re still with me here, which means you want your life to be different and better in some way.


Feeling better within yourself and about yourself, begins with a simple decision…

to take some action to end the misery and improve the quality of your life.   It’s time now for you to decide if you’d like to take it further, and start to get the right help you know you really need.  You don’t have to commit right now.  Instead, let’s take it one step at a time. Why not apply to book in with me for an initial consultation either face2face or online?  We can talk things through and decide together how I can best help you.

My question to you is this – Isn’t it time you started putting yourself first and decide to invest in You in order to experience a real difference in your life?

I’m guessing you value your money and you want to invest in the most efficient and effective way to get value for money?  In the coming months, when you may be enjoying your life feeling more free and happy, more secure and more relaxed, just imagine how good you will feel that you invested wisely in yourself and got the best help available to you…

Contact me here to apply for a consultation


Success Stories

“It’s like giving yourself a clean slate and allowing yourself to be a new person; not to be that insecure, scared person that I had always perceived myself to be” Carol, 42

“You’ve made me realise that life is much better lived with confidence and have helped me to achieve goals I couldn’t imagine reaching a few months ago” Heidi, 42