Two Simple Words To Swerve Anxiety

How easily can you say these two little words YES and NO?

The trick to living calmly and free from anxiety is to say these two simple little words at the right time!

Sometimes It’s Good To Say Yes!

Are you a woman who has always been a bit of a martyr? You know, that habit of doing things all on your own and taking on more than you can honestly cope with? I’ve been guilty of this sometimes myself. Perhaps you’ve gotten good at convincing yourself that no one else will do as good a job as you. Of course, you don’t need help… you are a strong and independent woman!

The Safest and Quickest Way is to Just Get On and Do it Yourself

Being a wife and/or mum, you’ll have developed this mindset easily. Your children and spouse learn quickly NOT to find things and NOT to sort things well around the home. This convenient ‘learned helplessness’ simply means that you, as a mum or as a ‘wifey’ will step in with confidence to sort it, yet again!

It’s hard to drop one of those balls. I get it! I really do.

Yet at the same time, it creates angst and frustration because it can all feel like just too much stress on you all the time. You’re exhausted. All you really want is for a ‘hero’ to step in and help lighten your load. To say the three sexiest words every woman loves to hear, ‘I’ve got this!’.

It can be difficult to say ‘Yes’ to get the support you need at work too.

This thinking creeps into all areas of your life, doesn’t it? So, you take this habitual martyrdom into your working day too. Pressures, deadlines, feeling manoeuvered by colleagues, taking on extra responsibilities and roles you’d really rather not…


Sometimes You Really Need to Say No

Do you end up taking on more than you can cope with at work because you find it hard to say No?

Perhaps you’ve developed a habit of juggling responsibilities and demands on your attention. Not saying Yes to offers of help, on the one hand, is made so much worse by saying Yes at the wrong time! Saying Yes to extra demands when you really want to say No is likely due to a fear of judgement or rejection. Chances are you’ve learned this fear from way back, and likely in childhood.

When you fear judgement or rejection; you fear that a certain someone (usually in the past) might have been right, to do or say what they did – that you are really not that awesome! You are limiting yourself today, by the belief you hold.

The idea of secretly feeling an imposter in your life is more common than you might imagine!


It’s Time To Get Clear On Your Priorities

When you say Yes to somebody you inevitably say No to someone else. The key to feeling happy and fulfilled and free from anxiety is to get the balance right in saying Yes and No at the right time.

If your self-esteem is low and you’re not valuing yourself enough, it’s likely that you’re not feeling worthy enough to reach out and grab an opportunity or the support you are being offered. You may be suspicious of anyone who chooses to invest time and resources in you.

The best times in my life came from saying Yes to offers of help. Saying Yes, in my life and in my business now, is leading to new opportunities and adventures and friendships, I would have missed out on otherwise.

I really want a feeling of success and peace for you too. If you’d like to find out how you can let go of old limiting beliefs and get out of your own way, you might like to say ‘Yes!’ to a first step in working with me. For a limited time, I’m offering a fantastic saving on an intensive half-day VIP session with me. To find out more about this special Spring Offer to help you take control, so that you can be more confident and more assertive, contact me and let’s arrange a time to chat.

In the meantime,

With love and light

Lisa x


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