What To Do When Past Anxiety Keeps You From Living Now

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Today’s Inspiration To Brighten Your Day…

How many teenage insecurities do you still carry with you, really? If you could go back in time and talk to your 16 year old self, I wonder what advice you might choose to give them.  What would might you want them to know, to help them as they grow into the daunting at times stressful adult world of responsibility?

Writing a letter can help you to gain a new perspective on anxiety you may currently experience from the more resourceful adult within you now, which helps to ground you and live more abundantly in the present. Any stirring emotion can also be a clue as to any unresolved business for you….

As you know, I often work with my clients in a way that helps them to heal and grow past hurt and trauma experienced by their younger selves.  In return, a client lent me a fascinating book recently which shares letters from celebrities to their 16 year old self…


You might perhaps be interested to know that Elton John advised his younger self to stay away from drugs, to stand up for the rights of every human being and ‘to never chase love, but to have fun and be proud of who you are.’

Emma Thompson wanted her teen self to know not to ‘ever, ever bother to go on a diet’, but to ‘just be You and get on with it!’

Annie Lennox warns of ‘kissing lots of frogs’ and how that will help her to shape her music and her success because lots of people will ‘get’ the message in her songs, of how everything changes and how unhealthy bitterness becomes.

Will Young encourages his teen self to believe in his singing and performing and how ‘your passion can outweigh by miles your lack of experience.’

To my sixteen year old self I would most want her to know not to bother worrying what people think of her, not to judge others too harshly or to get caught up in the insecurity and anxiety of competing with others, but to just be herself because ‘everyone’ is lost in some way and just trying to make sense of their world..

How about you?  What would you say?

And the book?  It is called ‘Dear Me’ published in 2009 in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation.  ISBN 978-1-84737-768-1

Until next time

With love and light  x

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From the Wobbles and Worries Mailbox…

Anxiety Help Bournemouth“I’m secretly worried that I might be developing Alzheimer’s.  I’m only 53 but it feels like I’m losing my mind.   Things are very stressful for me at work and we’ve had a lot of emotion and worry with our son who recently moved to Australia.   I walk into a room and forget why I’m there.  I can’t remember appointments.  I even forget when I’m in the shower if I’ve washed my hair already.  I get confused if I’ve already used face moisturiser when I start to put on my morning make-up.  Yesterday I left the oven on all night!  I’m scared to see my doctor in case he tells me I have dementia.  Do you think I have?

A summary of my advice…

Periods of excess stress can cause short term memory confusion.  At times there can seem as if there is so much going on in the mind that there is no capacity left to remember simple day to day tasks.  From what you have said here, it sounds as if it is very likely that this is what is happening with you at the moment.  I have helped many clients who have at times had the same worries so I can reassure that you are not alone in your worries about this.  Worrying about it will only make it worse because you will create an expectation that your memory is failing and you will get more of what you focus on.  My advice is to accept that your memory is poor at the moment.  For your safety, write yourself a reminder list as you do things like putting the oven on so that you check off on the list when you turn it off.

I would suggest that you take steps to de-stress first and then notice how your memory is.  Then if you are still concerned, talk to your GP who can help you with any further investigation if needed.  All previous clients who have been worried about this found that when they took steps to reduce stress and anxiety, their memory function returned to normal.

Your son moving to Australia has understandably caused huge emotional distress for you.  The bond of the umbilical cord although severed physically at birth, often remains invisibly v tied energetically and emotionally between a mother and her child.  Imagine this invisible cord that bonds you both unravelling further out all the way to Australia so that you feel more connected to him despite the distance.  With technology like Skype no-one is as far away these days and that can help you to stay in touch as you adjust to the change.

It might be worth considering asking your employer for a week or two off work due to stress (your GP can help you with this) so that you can get some proper rest and re-charge.  It’s a good opportunity to look at what is causing so much stress for you in the workplace and to discuss with management or your team how you might offload some responsibility or re-structure daily activities.

You’ll find lots of self care options helpful in Episode 17 of Tuesday ChooseDay. Here’s the link https://lisaskeffington.com/a-simple-antidote-to-anxiety/

Be gentle with yourself.  I hope this reassures you in the short term.


If you’d like my advice with your particular wobble or worry, simply click on the link here



Tuesday Titter…

Prepare for a warm fuzzy this morning as you watch this cute koala joey playing in a baby basket during its first ever photo shoot, thanks to Symbio Wildlife Park.  Enjoy x



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